Add version control to an existing project

Add version control to an existing project that either has no active version control, or a remote repository that does not have the supported
version control system. Projects without version control do not display icons to commit, push, or pull changes or to version history. You can version projects externally using tools provided by a supported version control provider.
To add version control to an existing project
  1. With the project open, in the main toolbar bar, select the drop-down arrow after
    and then select
    Save As
  2. In
    Save project as
    , enter:
    • Name
      . The name of the project. Use the same name as the remote repository.
    • Location
      . The folder to contain the project.
    • Use Version Control
      . Select to add version control to the project.
      If the project already has version control and
      Use Version Control
      is already selected,
      FactoryTalk Optix
      creates a new local repository for the project without any previous commit history.
  3. Select
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