System variables

System variables are automatically created when you create the
object in a
FactoryTalk® Optix
project. When you bind a property of a graphic object to a system variable, the system objects in
Project view
appear as categories in the Dynamic Link browser.
Each category contains predefined variables:
  • Application
    . Variables that provide a blink rate value. These variables determine the number of seconds a value alternates between showing and clearing a value.
  • DateTime
    . Variables that provide current date and time values of the HMI device and allow you to configure date, time, and time zone in the HMI device.
  • Display
    . Variables provide screen brightness, resolution, scale, and orientation.
  • Network interfaces
    . Variables that provide the network settings such as IP addresses for the HMI device.
  • WiFi
    . Variables that allow you to bind to operating mode, network name, security mode, username, password, and access to the LAN network.
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