Container objects

Container objects include:
Simple container of graphic objects that can be a selectable area.
Horizontal layout
Panel that automatically arranges graphic objects horizontally next to each other.
Vertical layout
Panel that automatically arranges graphic objects vertically next to each other.
Scale layout
Container that automatically scales its children graphic objects when the container aspect ratio changes.
Panel loader
Container that uses logic to display different alternative panels at runtime.
Navigation panel
Panel that contains other panels and automatically organizes panels into tabs that you can navigate.
Dropdown button
Button that, when selected, opens and closes a pop-up window.
Scroll view
Panel that can scroll to display content larger than the panel size.
Container that contains expandable content blocks.
Root graphic container. In a Presentation Engine, you can set Window to specify the initial user interface at runtime.
TIP: The
, and
Always on Top
properties apply only to the Native Presentation Engine.
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