Use converters to transform the source value and then assign the value to the parent node.

Local converter

A local converter is specific to a singular complex dynamic link and cannot be reused in other complex dynamic links. See Complex Dynamic Link Editor and Create a complex dynamic link.
TIP: If you intend to use a converter and its properties in a single complex dynamic link, create a local converter.

Converter type

You can use instances of a converter type in multiple complex dynamic links. This way, if you need to update the converter logic, you do it once by editing the converter type. See Create a converter type.
TIP: If you intend to use a converter and its properties in several complex dynamic links, create a converter type and then use the converter type instances in multiple complex dynamic links.

Converter example

An example converter in the may contain:
Parent variable where value of the converter output is assigned.
Converter output mode.
Converter name.
Converter properties. You can tie these properties to manually set fixed values, a dynamic link to a tag value, or multiple converters.
Converter sources that are either dynamic links or other converters.
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