Pull changes that other users make from the remote repository

Pull changes to view updates and any conflicts between the remote repository and your local project. Use Pull preview to accept updates and resolve conflicts.
When there are changes to pull from the remote repository, the message "Remote changes available to pull" appears in the status bar and the
Pull from remote
icon displays a blue number with the number of commits to pull. For example, indicates that there is one commit that is ready to pull.
  1. In the open project, select
    Pull from remote
    . The conflicts and changes between the local project and the project in the remote repository appear highlighted
    Pull preview.
    TIP: A conflict may occur if a property value in both the remote project and the local project has changed. A conflict may also occur if an object is removed in one version of the project and the same object is modified in the remote repository. Highlighted conflicts display changed values and removed objects that are crossed out. The number of conflicts appears in the status bar.
  2. (optional) At the top of
    Pull preview
    , select the content to view:
    • All
      . All project content in both the local and remote projects.
    • Updates
      . Only changes in the local and remote projects.
    • Conflicts
      . Only conflicts between the local and remote projects.
  3. Expand a highlighted conflict to display the values in conflict.
  4. (optional) At the top of the preview, select to navigate and expand the next conflict or to navigate to the previous conflict.
    TIP: An icon in a row in
    Pull preview
    •   A conflict exists between the local and remote project.
    • A conflict was resolved by selecting either the local or remote change in the row.
    • A change exists in the local or remote project.
    • An object was added.
    • An object was removed.
  5. In each highlighted row, select the version of content to keep:
    • Individual local change. In a highlighted row, select the local change on the left.
    • Individual remote change. In a highlighted row, select the remote change on the right.
    • All local changes. At the top of the preview, select
      Take all local
    • All remote changes. At the top of the preview, select
      Take all remote
  6. Select
    to accept the selected changes, or select
    to reject all of the conflicts in the remote project and retain the values in the local project.
The project opens and the message "The project is synchronized" appears in the status bar.
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