Open a remote project

Open a remote project to view a shared project that other users edit.
Pull the changes that other users make to see the latest version of the project before incorporating the changes or making any additional changes.
  1. If there is an open project, select
    and then select
    Close HMI project
  2. Select
    or if there are changes to save, select
    Save and close
  3. On
    Create a new project
    , select
    and then select
  4. On the Start page, complete:
    1. Remote URL.
      Enter the URL of your remote repository. This is the location that stores the project remotely. If you do not know the URL, ask your System Administrator.
    2. Location
      . Enter the folder on your local computer where you will save and commit changes before pushing them to the remote repository. The default location is
      \Documents\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Optix
      . Select to browse for a different location.
      TIP: If you are signed in to
      FactoryTalk Optix Studio
      , you do not have to know the
      Remote URL
      Create a new project
      automatically displays all of the potential repositories accessible with your Git Hub account and all of the projects that you can open.
  5. Select
    . "Opening project from remote" appears in the status bar and the new project opens with the same name as the remote repository.
  6. If, in the main toolbar,
    Pull from remote
    is blue and contains a number, the project has committed changes on the remote repository that you need to pull in order to see the latest version of the project. The message "Remote changes available to pull" appears in the status bar.
  7. Select
    Pull from remote
    . The message "Pulling project from remote" appears in the status bar. 
    Any conflicts between changes in the remote repository and changes in the local project appear highlighted
    Pull preview
    . Green rows in
    Pull preview
    show changes from the remote repository, not conflicts.
  8. In
    Pull preview
    , expand a highlighted conflict to display values that are in conflict.
  9. Select the version of content to keep:
    • Individual local change. In a highlighted row, select the local change on the left.
    • All local changes. At the top of the preview, select
      Take all local
    • Individual remote change. In a highlighted row, select the remote change on the right.
    • All remote changes. At the top of the preview, select
      Take all remote
      TIP: An icon in a row in
      Pull preview
      •   A conflict exists between the local and remote project.
      • A conflict was resolved by selecting either the local or remote change in the row.
      • A change exists in the local or remote project.
      • An object was added.
      • An object was removed.
  10. Select
    Accept and push
    to accept the selected changes, or select
    to reject all of the conflicts in the remote project and retain the values in the local project.
The project opens and the message "Project synchronized on remote" appears in the status bar.
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