Change the properties of a graphic object

Change the properties of a graphic object to change the name, unique properties for the graphic object, as well as its appearance and behavior at runtime.
The displayed properties for a graphic object depend on the selected graphic object. To open the graphic object to view its contents before changing properties, in
, select
Open with UI editor
  1. In the
    Project view
    or in the window, select the container or graphic object.
  2. In
    , change the properties in these categories:
    • Name
      . Select the existing name and enter a new name for the graphic object.
    • Appearance
      . Change the how the graphic object appears at runtime.
    • Size and layout
      . Change the size and position of the graphic object at runtime.
    • Events
      . Add methods for the events to perform at runtime when the user performs, or the system prompts an action.
      Gauge graphic objects contain
      categories. If
      Minimum value
      Maximum value
      properties of a gauge change continuously and rapidly, the performance of the runtime application is impacted because the gauge must be redrawn with each change.
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