Quick start: develop a sample project

Develop, compile, and run a sample HMI
FactoryTalk Optix Application
that demonstrates different capabilities of
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
  • At any point of this tutorial, you can test your application by selecting
    to run your project using the client emulator on your development computer. For more information, see Deploy a FactoryTalk Optix Application.
  • Throughout this tutorial, save changes periodically by pressing
    or selecting Save from the toolbar.
    You can use Git to version-control your project. For more information, see Version control.
  • You can download, unzip, and open the finished project to investigate its components and settings: QuickStart.zip
  1. To develop the project
  2. Configure and brand the main window:
    Blank main window with a custom title and logo
  3. Configure panels and tab-based navigation:
    Navigation panel with blank panels
  4. Configure dynamic graphic objects:
    Page1 panel with dynamic graphic objects
  5. Configure variables and add temperature controls:
    Page1 panel with dynamic graphic objects and temperature controls
  6. Configure recipes:
    Page4 panel with recipes editor
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