Configure a style sheet

Configure a style sheet to change the properties of the style sheet. Some style properties display a preview in the editor.
  1. In
    Project view
    , expand the
    folder and double-click the style sheet.
    The style sheet and
  2. In
    , configure the properties of the style sheet:
    TIP: To change a property value, select to enter a value manually, or select to browse for and link to a tag that has the value to display.
    • Name
      . Select the current name to edit the name of the style sheet. Type a new name and press
    • Type
      . This property is
      Style sheet
      by default and is read-only.
    • Window color
      . Select the background color of the window.
    • Border width
      . Select the default width of graphic object borders. Enter the value manually or select to link to a tag with the value you want to display.
    • Text color
      . Select the color of text graphic objects.
    • Border color
      . Select the color of graphic object borders.
    • Focus color
      . Select the color of a graphic object that is in focus at runtime.
      TIP: Select the box that represents the color and then in
      Select Color
      , drag to select the color and select
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