Change the appearance of a drawing object

Change the properties of a drawing object to change the appearance of the object.
TIP: To specify property values, you can double-click an existing value to type the numeric value of the value of the property or select
Add Dynamic Link
to navigate to and select the tag in the controller. The value of the tag is then the value for the property. To change a color property, in
, you can select the color block to open
Select Color
and drag to select the new color.
  1. In
    Project view
    or in the window, select the drawing object.
  2. In
    , expand the
    category and change the properties. The selected drawing object determines the displayed properties:
    • Border color
      . Specify the color of the border of the object.
    • Border thickness
      . Specify the thickness of the object border in pixels.
    • Fill color
      . Select the fill color of the object.
    • Opacity
      . Select the opacity of the drawing object. Specify 0 to make the object transparent.
    • Rotation
      . Specify the rotation of the object around the center point. Positive values indicate clockwise rotation in degrees.
    • Thickness
      . The thickness of the pen line that draws the object.
    • Visible
      . Specify whether the drawing object is visible at runtime. Select
      to make the object visible or
      to not have the object visible at runtime.
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