FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager

FactoryTalk Remote Access
Tools consist of a set of software applets for Windows OS, that allow to manage the devices connection. They shall be installed onto the local computer and can be used to carry out several remote tasks, such as remote desktop connection, files transfer, Runtime processes monitoring and information reference, and establishment of a VPN connection with the Runtime installed on the remote device to name a few.
Tools consist of three applets:
  1. Interactive Access
    : It allows to establish and manage a VPN, serial or USB device connection. Furthermore, it provides an overview of the connected devices.
    NOTE: See Interactive Access to learn how to navigate this tool and manage device connections and settings.
  2. Device setup
    : It allows to discover and register a new device that you wish to control remotely to a domain, and manage any router settings and connections.
    NOTE: See Device Setup to learn how to get started with the router discovery and settings management.
  3. Connection settings
    : It allows to set the connection port and proxy server type. These settings are used for establishing a VPN connection between the
    FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
    and the devices registered to the domain.
    NOTE: See Connection Settings to learn how set a device connection.
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