FactoryTalk Remote Access Release Notes

March 2024

Feature release of FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools and FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime 13.6.

Feature Enhancements

Public IP for geolocation is supported on FTRA, in the Explorer > Map view section.Devices and runtimes are now automatically positioned on the Map view based on their Public IP address.
FactoryTalk Hub Groups Inheritance rules are updated. In new domains, only the "Admin" group inherits settings from the Hub. These settings cannot be edited. The Owner user is assigned to the "Admin" group. Users designated as "Billing Admin" and "Contributors" are placed in the root folder. In existing domains, the groups "Contributors," "Owner," and "Billing Admin" remain intact but become editable. The Owner is transferred to the "Admin" group.
The VPN throughput for Linux devices has been improved on Stratix 4300 devices.
A config.template.xml template configuration file has been added into the FTRA installation folder for open Linux systems (Ubuntu22) to allow FTRA configuration.
A new dialog titled
Add device
replaces both the "Add device remotely" and "Add device locally" dialogs, and allows you to add a device to the domain. The
Add device
dialog prompts you to enter the device ID and a password.
A VPN connection is established by double-clicking a router without the Interactive Access remote desktop.
All ASEM 6300 iPCs are provided with a free FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime Basic entitlement. Navigate to the Product Compatibility & Download Center to download version 13.6 or later of the runtime software to your ASEM 6300. FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager will recognize the ASEM 6300 hardware and assign a free runtime basic entitlement in the entitlements dropdown menu for the device. If the runtime pro functionality is needed, a runtime pro entitlement can be purchased.
A Trial entitlement for a domain is not displayed if it is expired and the domain is associated with another entitlement. If a Domain demo or trial period expires, the Stratix 4300 and other devices can now be associated to a new domain.
When selecting Tools > Device Setup, a dialog titled Device Setup appears. The dialog prompts you to select the category of the device that you want to configure to launch the correct application for device configuration.
Contributors, Owner and Billing Admin groups are no longer part of the domain organization. Owner users now belong to the Admin group.
User Interface Improvements
  • The Connection Settings Tool has been redesigned.
  • The navigation menu is now provided with a new icon that allows users to maximize the menu width.
  • Paddings have been reduced on the Permissions tab.
  • The Tools Datagrid has been redesigned.
  • On the device information pane, a copy icon appears when hovering on each IP address. This icon allows you to copy IP addresses easily .
  • A Details button has been added to the Audit > Connections section of the
    FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
    . The Details button includes information about each single connection.
  • The Interactive Access tool opens by Double-clicking on a device.
  • Routing Rules are visible only if applied to a device to which the user is connected, and if a VPN connection is established. Routing rules are visible in the Interactive Access > Connection other than in the related section of the right pane of the web client.
  • If the Tools lose the connection with the Runtime and the Runtime device is online, a blank page appears that says
    Device disconnected
    . If the Tools lose the connection with the Runtime and the runtime device is offline, the message says
    Device offline
    . A Reconnect button has been added below the Device disconnected message.
  • Whenever using the web client mobile version, you can rename a resource by clicking Rename on the kebab menu (three dots) on the right.

Corrected Anomalies

The following anomalies have been corrected in this release of FactoryTalk Remote Access.
Corrected Anomalies
ID Number
Size columns in the Tool Explorer cut off information to the left instead of the right
In the Explorer section of the Interactive Access Tool, the size column is now aligned on the right and any information included therein is cut off from the right side whenever exceeding the column width.
Non-alphabetical order when a firewall policy is associated on a resource
The firewall policies along with their respectively associated users or groups included in the Associate firewall policies window in the Firewall section, are now displayed in alphabetical order.
Assigning the wrong address IP (local network) to the first connection when the network interface is changed on the runtime
The IP address of the local network selected for VPN connection is set correctly when a VPN connection establishes after choosing the network interface type on the Windows Runtime, under the VPN tab.
Incorrect log 'ERROR;Error starting Internet sharing: incorrect license type: Undefined'
Two warning messages now appear to inform the user whenever Internet sharing is established from a Runtime without any
or featuring a basic
. The two warning messages in both cases now replace an incorrect error message that logged previously.
Device information panel disappears after locating in domain from device view
When selecting a device in the Devices View section, and then selecting Locate in Domain from the context menu, the related device details pane on the right shows details whenever toggling from a device to another and after refreshing the webpage.
Blank FTRA Runtime information at first connection on 6300P
FTRA Runtime information now displays correctly on the Windows Runtime at the first connection on the ASEM 6300P panel. When the name of the device is changed through the web client, the name is displayed on the Windows Runtime, though it might require some time.
Wrong copyright year in several items
The FTRA copyright year has been updated in all of the FTRA components.
In Running RT tools in the Windows environment, the names of connected users that are shown are truncated
The names of any connected users appear in full in Runtime Tools.
Proxy not working with devices with only one Ethernet port
The proxy configuration (HTTP and SOCKS5) is now working when applied on a panel fitted with one Ethernet port, such as the OptixPanel Compact device.
Assistance Request cannot be deleted on a domain other than the one in which it was requested
Any active Request assistance for a device registered in another domain can now be canceled.
Import firewall policy list must be reviewed for Rockwell
The Firewall Policies that can be imported from the server have been revised for the Rockwell environment.
Users were not required you to leave comments when the Sign Out and Close device connection tool is used.
If the Require a comment when a device connections end setting is selected, the user is prompted to enter a comment whenever closing the Device connection Tool.
Authentication error on FTRA Tools with user not belonging to the domain
Whenever accessing FTRA Tools through a user not belonging to a specific domain, authentication is required.
Incorrect text "Default action" in action applied on firewall rule
The Default Action text has been replaced with Action on the Associate firewall policy window.
The permission rule about how to manage and access user accounts for folders and devices are different.
Permission rules for managing and accessing user accounts for both folder and device are now matched.
(Web Client) Resizing the remote desktop by maximizing the entire window does not occur
The remote desktop connection through Interactive Access now resizes correctly when the window is maximized.
The runtime info screen cannot display entitlement status correctly after registered to another domain
Windows Runtime information displays the entitlement status if the user deletes a licensed device from a domain.
[Web Client] Typing the "Enter" key instead of clicking the "Save" button, the resource is not created
Any newly created resource is now saved correctly by clicking Save.
[Tools] Creating/naming a file/folder pressing the Enter key cancels the operation
Operations in the Interactive Access > Explorer such as renaming and creating a folder or a file, are now confirmed by clicking OK.
The device connection drops in web only mode if the user is working on another tab
If a user establishes a remote desktop connection through the Interactive Access (Web only) while working on another section of the same Tool and the connection is lost, the user can re-establish a connection by clicking on a reconnection button.

November 2023

Feature release of FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools and FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime 13.5.

Feature Enhancements

A Local Connection mode has been implemented to the Tools applets to allow for an on-site device connection to Runtime through a local network without logging on to the FactoryTalk Remote Access. The on-site device can be connected to the device where Runtime is installed by means of an Ethernet cable and the local connection can be established and managed through the Interactive access Tool applet.
The UBUNTU 22 stable release is now available. It features file transfer and allows connections through VPN and RDP.
Added management of new 25 and 50 concurrent connections entitlements. The management of 25 and 50 concurrent connection entitlements has been implemented.
FTRA Manager now supports the OptixPanel Compact entitlements upgrade that allows to upgrade the FTRA Runtime from the BASIC to PRO version, by purchasing just the services that are not already included in the Basic entitlement. An Upgrade button has been implemented next to the Basic entitlement type, in the right pane of the Domain view, in the Entitlements section.
In the Log section of Tools, an "Export Device's Logs" button has been added. This button allows you to export a device's logs when connecting to an Optix Panel, a Stratix 4300 Router, or a 1756 CMEE (Embedded Edge Compute Module).

Corrected Anomalies

Corrected Anomalies
ID Number
The copy/paste feature was not supported in the remote desktop connection through Interactive Access (Web).
Text elements copy/paste during
Remote desktop
sessions between local and remote devices is now possible.
Remote Desktop Session start was not always correctly logged
Remote Desktop
session is now recorded in the
section, when connecting the Runtime device through the
Interactive Access (Web Only)
Interactive Access (Tools)
It was not possible to copy/paste the texts in the remote desktop connection
Text elements copy/paste during
Remote desktop
sessions between local and remote devices is now possible.
Fixed an issue in which many mounted remote USB devices could make the runtime machine crash by adding a max limit of four mounted devices.
The maximum quantity of remote devices connected via a USB port is four, as a higher quantity made the Runtime crash.
Fixed the text overflow in the Assistance requested pane.
The bottom horizontal scroll bar in the
Assistance requested
area of the right pane of the
Domain view
section has been fixed. Whenever text exceeds the pane length, the scroll bar can be moved to show any text overflow.
The number indicating the active concurrent connections in a domain didn't decrease after switching to another domain.
The displayed quantity of concurrent connections showing up at the top right of the
Domain view
section now gets updated when switching to another domain.
The Progress Bar Title might confuse the user.
The text contained in the progress bar related to the connection between
Interactive Access
and a device was misleading and it has been amended. “Interactive Access with Desktop Tools” has been replaced with “Interactive Access (Tools)". “VPN with Desktop Tools“ has been replaced with “VPN“.
The total available connections number in the top-right area of the domain view didn't update after switching from a domain with a limited concurrent connections entitlement to a domain with a UNL entitlement
The displayed quantity of concurrent connections showing up at the top right of the
Domain view
section now gets updated when switching from a domain linked to an entitlement with limited concurrent connections to a domain linked to an entitlement with unlimited connections.
Permission disappeared when the domain was loaded
When logging on to an FTRA domain, the right pane now displays the permissions related to the users or users groups included in the root folder.
The scroll bar was missing from the list of the group's users; There wasn't a minimum limit for the window's vertical and horizontal size; When the online filter was active, the first click did not close the dropdown menu.
Layout issues have been fixed in the FTRA Manager. 1) A scroll bar was missing in the right pane related to the Groups users to allow for scrolling through. 2) The Remote Desktop window can be resized as needed, without any minimum width and height restrictions. 3) Once the online toggle switch is activated, the domain folder can now be opened or closed by clicking once on the expand arrow located on the folder line. 4) The Edit domain parameter has been removed from the Audit section filters.
The description of the operation audit for moving a permission operation from "Allow" to "Deny" or vice versa was inaccurate
The operation descriptions in
Audit > Operations
now include both the
logs, matching the
When the online filter was active, the first click did not close the dropdown menu.
Folders on the left pane now expand and collapse content correctly, whenever the online toggle switch is activated.
The online filter didn't filter the online devices when switching to another domain.
The online toggle switch now filters online devices also when switching to another domain.
A user with Full Deny permissions was able to see users and create groups
Any user having all permissions denied is no longer able to see any folders or devices and create any groups within the domain.
It was possible to add automatically a full 00 MAC address if no data was entered and the user selected the Add button
A full 00 MAC address is no longer entered into the MAC address field in the
Settings > Sharing
pane of the Windows Runtime when you select the

June 2023

Minor release of FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools and FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime 13.4.013.

Feature Enhancements

  • Updated the dialog window during Device Access connection.
  • Updated the Device Access button with a dropdown menu.
  • Handle default choice and Device Access button-selected options.
  • Replaced bottom-right panel with loading bar.
  • Removed the 'Actions' column on the device view.
  • Added an option that specifies which VPN IP is reachable.
  • Updated Tools to support two or more Device Access connections.
  • Improve the usability on Mobile View.
  • Updated the dialog window during Device Access connection.
  • Updated the total connection available in the top-right counter.
  • Updated the Tools log file management.
  • Restyled the Buttons.

Corrected Anomalies

The following anomalies have been corrected with this release.
Corrected Anomalies
ID Number
The user name was not visible on runtime in a VPN connection with Optix Studio Web.
The user name is now visible.
Graphical Issues (Web Client)
Several graphical anomalies corrected.
Inherited permissions are not displayed on a resource.
It was not possible to see the permissions of a user/group assigned to a resource that were inherited from the higher folder.

May 2023

Maintenance release of FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools and FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime 13.3.540.

Security Updates

This release includes background enhancements that improve the security of the product.

Corrected Anomalies

The following anomalies are corrected with this release.
Corrected Anomalies
ID Number
Handle permissions of a connection on the Runtime Side.
In previous releases, all user permissions were checked by the Access Server after receiving the connection reply from Runtime. Now user permissions are checked by the Access Server in the Connect1 step. They are then sent to Runtime in order to allow it to check client (control center) requests, such as VPN, Remote Desktop, and others. This allows each Runtime operation to verify if the user is allowed to execute that operation.
A user is deleted from a created group when switching from Admin to Contributor (or Contributor to Admin) in FactoryTalk Remote Access (Rockwell only).
When users were moved between FactoryTalk Hub groups, they were removed from customized FactoryTalk Remote Access groups.
The Device Access button is only enabled if the "View Desktop" permission is enabled for a user.
The Device Access button was only visible with the "View Desktop" permission.

March 2023

Maintenance release of FactoryTalk Remote Access and FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools 13.3.412.

Security Update/Change in Functionality

This security update improves security by requiring additional authentication for FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools when you are doing VPN or Advanced Device Access.

Corrected Anomalies

Corrected Anomalies
ID Number
The details of a recent connection were displayed incorrectly in logs older than 30 days.
Details of recent connections are now displayed correctly.
Add management to install, uninstall, and update previous versions of SEC (runtime).
Added new SEC driver.
The Pro Trial FactoryTalk Remote Access entitlement was visible in the entitlement selection window after it had expired.
Expired Runtime entitlements no longer appear in the selection window.
Confusing message if an admin/contributor tries to create an FTRA domain
The error message for domain creation was confusing for a contributor/administrator user and has been clarified.
Runtime entitlements were visible on the entitlements page when they could no longer be associated with a device.
Runtime entitlements are now associated as Assigned instead of Available on the Entitlements page when they have reached maximum detachment and are not associated with any devices.
Graphics issues on Tools.
There were some graphics problems on Tools that have been corrected.
Connections Subnet Tab in Tools does not show netmasks
The Subnet tab of the connections in Tools now shows the Netmask.
Graphic issues on Web Client.
Some graphics issues on Web Client were fixed.
Updates of devices were visible on the FactoryTalk Remote Access Web Client even when the update feature was not available.
Updates of devices are no longer shown if the feature is not available.
Anomaly in user creation in new folder
Corrected issue where resources disappeared when selecting a folder that did not contain devices.
The ExpirationTime is set for basic or pro entitlements when allocated by FactoryTalk Hub.
Basic and pro entitlements do not expire. Only trials can expire now.
When associating an entitlement, it is not checked at the back end whether the entitlement has expired or not (pro trail)
The system now checks to make sure that licenses are not expired or disabled before associating them to devices.
On FactoryTalk Remote Access an email is sent even if a valid license is active.
If a valid entitlement is attached an email notification about an expiring trial entitlement is no longer sent.
Security Milestone - Pass authentication without passing the Access Token
Authentication is now required for FTRA Tools when doing VPN or Advanced Device Access.
Security Milestone - General.
General security improvements.

November 2022

Feature release of FactoryTalk Remote Access and FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools 13.3.235.


  • Enabled new FactoryTalk Remote Access BASIC and PRO runtime entitlements.
  • You may now rehost a FactoryTalk Remote Access BASIC or PRO runtime entitlement.
    1. You can rehost runtime entitlements without any issues.
    2. After the third rehost, you may not rehost again for six months.

Corrected Anomalies

The following list identifies the anomalies corrected with this release.
Corrected Anomalies
ID Number
Dual IP setting error in FactoryTalk Remote Access tools.
All IP addresses are now set in the network interface of the local computer from FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools.
VPN Routing rules not working after changes due to static analysis.
Routing Rules now work in a VPN connection with a device.
RSLinx Identifies FTRA Adapter as "Ubiquity Ethernet Adapter."
The device has been renamed as
FTRA Ethernet Adapter
in the latest UEA driver for RA (version 9.24.6)
Red outline when empty Allowed MAC address list in the Sharing section of the Runtime.
Fixed the red box in the sharing tab when there are no mac addresses in the Allow List.
Missing warning messages in the serial tab of the Tools.
The missing messages have been added.
The unnamed device is displayed with quotes in the message in the tools.
Fixed empty quotes messages for unnamed devices.
Missing Display Information on Tools.
The Display Information is now shown for devices that have a display.
Maximizing the tools window does not fit the position of the Windows task bar.
Fixed window maximization problems.

June 2022

Feature release of FactoryTalk Remote Access and FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools 13.2.644.


  • FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime - Introducing installable remote access runtime software that enables you to remotely connect through FactoryTalk Remote Access to any device running Windows. The runtime software is available in two versions:
    • BASIC - once connected, you can start a remote desktop session, transfer files or establish a secure VPN connection with the remote device.
    • PRO - you can establish a VPN connection to any device that is connected to your remote device via Ethernet, serial, or USB ports.
  • FactoryTalk Remote Access Trial Period - This FactoryTalk Remote Access release introduces a trial period to let you try out remote access services in your environment. The trial period is 90 days. During that time you will have full access to FactoryTalk remote access and the maximum number of concurrent connections. During the trial, you can track your usage of the service so that you can choose the subscription that is right for your organization. During the trial period, in addition to unlimited concurrent connections, you will have access to two FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime PRO entitlements. To continue using FactoryTalk Remote Access beyond the trial period, you must purchase a subscription for concurrent connections and entitlements for any FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtimes you wish to continue using. Any setup and configurations made in FactoryTalk Remote Access will be retained.
  • Device Access — Select a device in your domain and establish a remote desktop session to the device using either the
    Web Only
    version of the Device Access Tools. Using the
    version provide access to the entire suite of connectivity services: remote desktop, file transfer, remote process management, and chat. Using the
    Web Only
    version provides access to chat and provides the ability to view the desktop and send commands using the virtual keyboard.
  • Improved Update Service - Available updates for the FactoryTalk Remote Access client tools are now easily visible from within the FactoryTalk Remote Access service.
  • Improved Client Logging - The FactoryTalk Remote Access client log files now include the number of opened connections for the domain so that you can track usage over time.

Changes in functionality

  • Unique device registration passwords - Each FactoryTalk Remote Access device is provided a unique eight-digit password to use to register the device with the domain. If a device is removed from the domain and attempts to rejoin the domain, a new password is generated by the remote access service that must be provided to re-register the device.
  • Removed support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 - Transport Layer Security protocols version 1.0 and 1.1 have reached end of life and are no longer supported for secure connections. Any client that attempts to negotiate a secure connection with FactoryTalk Remote Access service using these protocols will be denied.

Corrected anomalies

The following list identifies the anomalies corrected with this release.
ID Number
Connection issues when using the Firefox browser.
The client experienced occasional drops in remote desktop connection when using the Firefox browser.

Security updates

The versions of the following open-source software components used by FactoryTalk Remote Access have been updated to improve security:
  • System.Net.Security updated to 4.3.2
  • System.Text.RegularExpressions updated to 4.3.1

March 2022

Maintenance release of FactoryTalk Remote Access and FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools 13.0.028.
Visit the
Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility and Download Center
to download and update FactoryTalk Remote Access Tools to version 13.0.028.

November 2021

Initial release of FactoryTalk Remote Access!


  • Domains — The domain represents the company account hosted by the FactoryTalk Remote Access Cloud Infrastructure. A domain consists of a group of devices, users, groups, firewall rules, and permissions.
  • VPN — Establish a secure virtual private network between supervisors and operators of devices within your domain.
  • Firewall — Configure firewall policies as needed to control access to your network.
  • Permissions — Define permissions for devices, groups, and individual user accounts to control access to your resources.

Usage Notes

Router configuration

The 2-port Stratix 4300 Remote Access router includes two network ports, a LAN port and a WAN port. Both ports support statically assigned IP addresses. However, if the LAN port is disconnected, the statically assigned IP address will not be used for VPN connections to the router. Instead a virtual IP address is created for use during the VPN session. In this situation, the FactoryTalk Remote Access service device information displays both the statically assigned IP address and the virtual IP address. However, the Stratix device configuration only displays the virtual IP address because this is the IP address that is active during the session. If the LAN port is later connected to the network using a network cable inserted into the LAN port, the statically configured IP address will be used.
NOTE: The same behavior applies for the 4-port Stratix 4300 when the LAN port is configured to take the IP address from a DHCP server and the DHCP server cannot be contacted by the router, so the LAN has no IP.

Multi-factor Authentication

When you first sign in to FactoryTalk Remote Access, you will receive a message that multi-factor authentication must be configured and activated before use. After clicking the
link, a QR Code is displayed that can be scanned with any application that supports the Google Authenticator standard. Use the following links from your device to download an authenticator app:
If your device cannot scan the QR Code click the link
Can’t read?
to view the security code to be used with your authentication app as an alternative to scanning the QR Code.
After the first sign in, subsequent sign-ins will ask for your authenticator code. This code is updated every 3 minutes. Open the authenticator app on your device and type in the current code that is assigned to your account.

Known anomalies

The following list identifies the known anomalies at the time of release.
ID Number
Work around
Refresh view does not work after adding the router.
This issue occurs intermittently. Wait a few minutes and try again. If refresh view does not work, close the browser and reopen the session.
The concurrent connections number is only lowered when the applet is closed.
After disconnecting a session, close the connection applet to remove the session from the active session list.


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Help > Provide Feedback
Please use the documentation feedback form to let us know about improvements we could make to the Help.
As issues are reported and fixed, they will be listed in the release notes.
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