Internet Sharing

Internet Sharing allows you to share the Internet connection used by the Windows Runtime to a device on an automation subnetwork. This process is possible regardless of whether Runtime is connected to the
FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
through a VPN connection.
NOTE: See Entitlements to check whether your license allows this feature.
NOTE: The Internet Sharing connection mode is not supported on Ubuntu 22 devices.
To provide remote devices connected through an automation subnetwork with Internet connectivity, proceed as follows:

Windows Runtime

  1. Start Windows Runtime.
  2. Click on the
    ) icon and select the network to which you wish to provide Internet access in the
    Select networks to provide Intenet access
  3. Select
    Use Allow List
    to share Internet with all the devices connected with Runtime or to enter the MAC addresses of the devices with which you would like Runtime to share Internet connectivity.
    NOTE: The
    entry shows up within this section if any Ethernet ports are enabled on the remote device.


NOTE: To learn how to configure a router to enable the Internet Sharing mode, see the user manual supplied with the router.
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