Entitlements allow HMIs or IPCs to be connected to with FactoryTalk Remote Access and determine the operations that are granted by that connection.
There are two main types of entitlements for using FactoryTalk Remote Access:
  • FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime entitlement:
    This Runtime entitlement can be a Pro or Basic entitlement, featuring an initial 90-day trial period coming with two Pro Trial entitlements.
  • FactoryTalk Remote Access 1/2/5/10/25/50 Concurrent Connection entitlement:
    This domain entitlement comes with an initial 90-days trial period and may be purchased in volumes of 1/2/5/10/25/50 concurrent connections.
Entitlements for both domains and devices in your organization are shown in the
section in the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager. In this area, you can see how many entitlements allocated to devices have been assigned and how many are still available to you.
See the following table for more information:
FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime Basic
Basic entitlements allow file transfers, task management, and minimal VPN capabilities.
NOTE: OptixPanel Compact graphic terminals display an
button next to the Basic entitlement type, in the right pane of the
Domain view
, in the Entitlements section. This button allows you to upgrade the Basic entitlement to more advanced types by purchasing just the services that are not already included in the Basic entitlement.
FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime Pro
Pro entitlements allow VPN access to all devices on the computer network, file transfers and task management.
FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime Pro Trial
The FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime Pro entitlement allows full use of the Pro entitlement features.
FactoryTalk Remote Access 1/2/5/10/25/50 Concurrent Connections
Domain entitlements are acquired through the FactoryTalk Hub and determine how many concurrent connections you can establish at the same time.
NOTE: See How to activate a entitlement to learn how to activate an entitlement.

Trial Period and first organization creation

When creating your first organization in the FactoryTalk Hub, your domain will be associated with a 90-day free trial entitlement. During this time, you will be required to purchase an entitlement lasting 365 days starting from its activation date. Nevertheless, if you wish to create another organization, you must already have an entitlement associated with your first organization. Then you must purchase entitlements for any more organizations.
Besides the entitlement purchased for each further organization, a 90-day free trial entitlement will be associated with your domain anyway. The free trial entitlement allows for an indefinite number of concurrent connections.
  1. Access your organization in FactorytalkHub.com.
    NOTE: See FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager Authentication for further information on this topic.
  2. Click the FactoryTalk Remote Access tile. If you are accessing FactoryTalk Remote Access for the first time, a window message will prompt you to name your new FactoryTalk Remote Access domain.
  3. You will be redirected to the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager and the entitlement trial period starts.

Entitlement expiration

When an entitlement expires, the domain connected to it expires too.
  • FactortyTalk Remote Access Runtime Trial entitlements
    expire after 90 days and no grace period follows the entitlement trial expiration.
    NOTE: Notification messages will appear each time you log on to the service informing you of the number of days remaining in the trial period. After the trial period is over, you will not be able to use the service until you obtain a subscription.
  • FactoryTalk Remote Access 1/2/5/10/25/50 Concurrent Connection entitlements
    expire after 365 days and a 7-days grace period following the expiration date activates to allow for entitlement renewal through the FactoryTalk Hub. If the entitlement is not renewed within the grace period, the user can still access the domain, without being able to carry out any action within it.
    Select the
    Domain Options
    Send e-mail notifications of account information
    entry to allow each admin and owner user to receive an email every day during the grace period, informing them about any days left to the entitlement expiration.
    NOTE: 60, 30, and 10 days before the
    FactoryTalk Remote Access 1/2/5/10/25/50 Concurrent Connection entitlement
    expires, an email is sent to all of the admin and owner users to inform them about the expiration deadline.
NOTE: You can register a device to a domain while the same device is registered to another domain, if the domain it is registered to has an expired Trial entitlement.

ASEM 6300 iPCs

ASEM 6300 iPCs are supplied with a free FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime Basic entitlement.
You can download the 13.6 or any newer Runtime version for ASEM 6300 devices from the Product Compatibility & Download Center. FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager automatically recognizes the ASEM 6300 hardware and assigns a free Runtime basic entitlement to that device, and includes the newly assigned entitlement in the device entitlements dropdown menu. The user can purchase a Runtime Pro functionality, as needed.
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