How to activate a

NOTE: See Entitlements to learn further information about
HMIs, OptixPanel HMIs and routers
are already provided with a Runtime
, while you will need to purchase one for other devices.
  1. To purchase entitlements, go to the Rockwell Commerce page and log in with your MyRockwellAutomation account.
  2. Enter
    FactoryTalk Remote Access
    in the webpage search bar and select the entitlement that you wish to purchase. Then, click on the shopping cart to proceed with your purchase.
  3. Access and click on the icon.
  4. Select
    View entitlements
    : here you can purchase or allocate entitlements.
  5. Once you have purchased an entitlement, it appears in the
    Available for allocation
  6. Click the
    button next to the purchased entitlement and confirm.
    NOTE: The entitlement is not yet associated to the service.
  7. Access FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager and select
    Domain view
  8. Select the device for which you wish to activate an entitlement and click on the circled plus icon next to the
    pane on the right.
  9. Select the purchased entitlement from the displayed list and associate it to your device.
If a device hosing Runtime becomes inoperable, it is possible to temporarily move the entitlement to another device, while the first one is being repaired. To do so:
  1. Access FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager and the
    Domain view
  2. Select the inoperable device and access the related
  3. Disassociate the entitlement. The entitlement will be moved to the
    Available for allocation
  4. Associate the entitlement to a temporarily replacing device as per procedure.
  5. Disassociate the entitlement from the temporarily replacing device and associate it back to the repaired device.
NOTE: You can check whether a device is registered both through the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager on the right pane of the
Domain view
section, or on the Windows Runtime, on the
circled 'i'
icon) section.
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