Runtime and firmware update

Software updates for HMIs and IPCs, or routers are related to the operating system running on each device. In fact, a Runtime or a firmware update may be required.
Operating System and device
Software update
Windows IPCs or computers
Linux HMIs and routers
Firmware (Runtime, System Manager, OS image, Optix)
NOTE: The updating process may require automatically restarting a remote device. Before planning any software or firmware update, make sure that the plant machinery is properly secured.
To carry out software updates, proceed as follows:
  1. In FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager, access the
  2. Select
    next to the software that you wish to update.
  3. You will be directed to a specific Rockwell Automation web page.
  4. Once your request will be authorized, you will receive an email including a link for the actual update download.
  5. Download and extract the container file onto your Windows device. If your device operates with Linux, you must download the .img container file on another device and store it onto a USB stick first, then plug it into your device.
  6. Depending on the operating system of your device:
    • If you are updating a Linux device, restart it. The device detects a new update and runs it.
    • If you are updating a Ubuntu 22 device, follow the procedure described in Ubuntu 22 Runtime installation and configuration.
    • If you are updating a Windows device start the executable file.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the router is not rebooted while its firmware update is in progress.
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