Approve remote access

Approve Remote Access
entry introduces an additional level of security on the remote device. It allows you to access the remote desktop or open a VPN channel only upon permission of the user, or by having direct access to the remote device. You can apply this setting to single devices only.
NOTE: Device installer permissions are required to enable or disable the
Approve Remote Access
To enable the
Approve Remote Access
feature on a remote device:
  1. Access the
    FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
    and select
    Domain view
  2. Select the remote device for which you would like to set the
    Approve Remote Access
  3. On the right pane, flag the
    Approve Remote Access
Approve Remote Access
is enabled on a device, and you attempt to start a VPN connection or a remote desktop session through the
FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
, an authorization window appears on the remote device showing the username and IP address of the incoming user connection. The operator of the remote device can then allow or deny access to the device. If access is denied, a notification will inform you that the connection request was not allowed.
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