Runtime (for third parties devices)

Runtime is a software service that runs on remote HMIs or IPCs to allow for remote access to the device itself and its automation subnet. Runtime is supplied for integration into the HMI or IPC of a unit or machinery that you wish to control remotely.
As a cross-platform application, Runtime is available for x86 architectures (normally installed in IPCs systems), on Win 32/64, and Linux environments.
You need to start 
FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
on your local device to establish a remote VPN connection with the Runtime installed on the remote device (the installation of a set of Tools might be required).
NOTE: See FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager Tools for further information on this subject.
Depending on the HMI or IPC in use, Runtime might be already embedded in the remote HMI or IPC, or it will need to be installed manually.
NOTE: Runtime can be installed also on IPCs of other brands.
NOTE: See Windows Runtime installation and configuration for further information on this subject.

Runtime entitlements

NOTE: See Entitlements for further information on this subject.
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