How to establish a VPN connection with a remote device

You can establish a remote device connection through VPN, serial or USB ports.

VPN connection

To establish a VPN connection between the
FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
and the Runtime installed on the remote device:
  1. Access the
    FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
    and select
    Domain view
  2. Browse through the domain pane on the left, and select the device for which you would like to establish a serial connection.
  3. Above the right pane, select the
  4. The
    Interactive Access
    Tool opens up. Select
  5. In the
    tab, you can select:
    • Connection Details
      : Read-only details on the VPN connection between Runtime and the device.
    • VPN Traffic Details
      : Read-only details on sent and received traffic sorted by IP address.
    • IP configuration
      : Select how you wish to get a virtual LAN IP assigned between
      Virtual LAN IP address is assigned by Runtime
      Virtual LAN IP address is manually assigned
NOTE: On Ubuntu 22 devices, the VPN connection does not run if the
UEFI Secure Boot
is enabled.
The Runtime releases random IP addresses within a given range in its network and builds up an ARP cache. Each IP address released within the same network that is not associated to any MAC address will be assigned to the VPN virtual network adapter.
Link-local addresses might not be unique beyond their network segment.
If the automation network uses link-local addresses belonging to class, the VPN adapter assigns an IP address compatible with the network according to the specifications provided by the link-local protocol itself.
If the Runtime network exposes more IP addresses of different classes, a virtual interface will be assigned to multiple IP addresses, each compatible with its class.
To set an IP addresses interval:
  • Access the Windows Runtime installed on the remote device.
    NOTE: See Windows Runtime installation and configuration to learn more about Runtime installation.
  • Select the
    configuration tab.
  • Flag the
  • Click
  • The
    VPN Static IP pool
    opens up. Enter one or more IP address ranges in the related
    fields. You can also enter the subnet
NOTE: The conflicts check related to newly generated IP addresses is not automatically carried out and therefore lays on the user.
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