How to create
an organization or domain

  1. Create your RA account by registering your email on the MyRockwellAutomation website:
  2. Once you have created a user account, you can access the
  3. Access and create an organization by selecting the icon at the top left corner of the screen, then
    Create Organization
    from the dropdown menu. Once you have created an organization, you will be able to access the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager tile that appears in the FactoryTalk Hub.
  4. By selecting the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager tile, you will be prompted to create a domain to use the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager services.
  5. Provide a name for the domain in the
    Create Domain
    NOTE: Domain names shall be unique and cannot be changed once created. Domains can be named differently from the organization to which they belong.
  6. Once the domain is successfully created, a confirmation message appears.
  7. Each domain includes a root folder containing the domain creator user (Owner) and three user groups:
    • Admin
    • Contributor
    • Owner
  8. You can then invite users to join your organization with the roles of
    , considering that you are the
    NOTE: See Invite users to an organization for further information on this subject.
  9. Once users have joined your organization, select each user or group folder in the right pane of the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager and set their
    Permission Operations
    NOTE: See FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager overview and related entities for further information on how to use buttons and icons for users configuration in the FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager.
    NOTE: See Domain user permissions for further information on this subject.
    NOTE: Subfolders inherit permissions from their parent folders, nevertheless you can configure their settings specifically.
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