How to implement any network safety settings

FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
support firewall policies to help protect your network traffic. You can define or customize firewall rules or use any pre-set firewall policies including specific set of rules to allow for packets filtering.
  1. Access
    FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
    and the
    Domain view
  2. Click on the
    Add resource
    circled plus
    icon) next to the folder or device for which you wish to activate a firewall.
  3. You can create or import firewall rules, depending on whether you wish to create a policy by customizing rules or use an existing set of rules.
    1. To import a firewall policy from the
      FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
      server, click on the circled plus icon next to a folder or a device and select
      Import firewall policy
      1. Select the firewall policy that you wish to associate with your folder or device.
        NOTE: Children folders will inherit the firewall policy assigned to the related parent folder.
    2. To create a firewall policy, click on the circled plus icon next to a folder or a device and select
      Create firewall policy
      . Then, name the firewall policy and set firewall rules as needed.
NOTE: See Firewall settings for further information on this topic.
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