How to set permissions rights

Once you have
invited a user to join your organization and set domain roles
, you can set user permissions rights.
NOTE: See Create an organization and a domain and Domain roles and domain groups for more information on this subject.
  1. In
    FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
    Domain view
  2. In the left pane, select the folder or device for which you wish to set user permissions, then access the
    section in the right pane.
  3. If the user for which you would like to set permissions is not listed in the
    section, add it by clicking the circled plus icon at the top right of the pane.
  4. Select the user or group and expand the
    Permission operations
  5. Allow or deny permissions, as needed.
Allows you to manage operations related to the domain organization in terms of folders and access control.
Access User Accounts
Allows access to user profiles that are defined within folder paths and sub-paths for which the permission is given.
Manage User Accounts
Allows permission assignments and creation, editing and deletion of user accounts.
Manage Folders
Allows you to create, edit, move, and remove folders.
View Connection Audit
Allows access to the connections log.
View Operations Audit
Allows access to the administration log.
Network Security
Allows you to manage the firewall configuration.
Device Installer
Allows you to manage devices within a specific domain.
Interactive Access
Allows you to interact with the remote device as a viewer and/or with read and write rights.
View the Desktop
Allows the
Remote Desktop
view only, whereas interaction is not allowed.
Interact with the Desktop
Allows full
Remote Desktop
Network Access (VPN)
Allows VPN activation and subnetwork access. The subnetwork access can be filtered by applying firewall policies.
Passthrough (Serial + USB)
Allows to use a serial pass-through function (this option is subject to VPN activation).
Read Remote Files
Allows you to read files from the remote system through the
section in the
Interactive Access
Write Remote Files
Allows you to write files to the remote systems through the
section in the
Interactive Access
Allows the use of the chat through the
Remote Desktop
section in the
Interactive Access
System and Processes
Allows you to access the remote processes viewer and possibly restart them as needed through the
End process
button in the
Interactive Access
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