Configure a target device

Configure a target device from the System Manager. The following steps show how to configure an OptixPanel or Embedded Edge Compute target device.
  1. On the Configuration dialog, check these settings.
    Configuration settings for target device
    Configuration settings for a target device
    Run FactoryTalk Optix update server at system startup
    When this setting is enabled, the FactoryTalk Optix update server activates at device startup, allowing the download and update of FactoryTalk Optix applications using FactoryTalk Optix Studio. If not enabled, downloading and updating FactoryTalk Optix applications on the device is not possible.
    Load only password protected applications
    When this setting is enabled, will be possible to load and execute on the device only password protected applications.
  2. On the Application dialog, configure this information.
    Application settings for a target device
    Application settings for a target device
    Application name
    This section displays the name of the project that has been loaded onto the device.
    FT Optix Runtime version
    This section displays the version of the FactoryTalk Optix Studio Runtime that was used to develop the loaded project. The FactoryTalk Optix Studio Runtime provides a development environment for creating and testing HMI projects before deploying them to the device. The version number is important for ensuring compatibility between the project and the runtime environment and may be useful for troubleshooting issues related to project development and deployment.
    load application from USB
    The Load button allow to transfer an FT Optix Application from a USB Memory to the target device (if it supports a USB port).
    Delete current application
    The Delete button allow to delete the current application stored on the device.
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