Deployment guidelines

After you create your project, you need to deploy it to a target device. This section helps you to ensure that you deploy it correctly.
  1. Confirm that the
    FactoryTalk® Optix
    Application Update Service runs on the target device.
    The Application Update Service is part of the Runtime Tools. OptixPanel and Embedded Edge Compute devices come with Runtime Tools pre-installed.  You must install Runtime tools on other target devices.
    To operate correctly, the Application Update Service requires the TCP port 49100 to be reachable and a valid username with a configured password.
  2. If needed, assign entitlements to target devices.
    Some target devices come with pre-assigned entitlements. You only need to assign an entitlement if you upgrade a pre-assigned entitlement or if the target device has no entitlement.
  3. Configure the target device to accept the application.
  4. Deploy the application to the target device.
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