FactoryTalk Optix Installation Guide overview

This installation guide assists you on how to install and configure the design and Runtime components of a
FactoryTalk® Optix
The FactoryTalk Optix system includes:
  • FactoryTalk Optix Studio or FactoryTalk Optix Studio with a Pro entitlement
  • FactoryTalk Optix Application
  • FactoryTalk Optix Runtime Tools
  • Entitlements and organizations set up through
    FactoryTalk® Hub
    NOTE: An organization is a collection of users and services (including FactoryTalk Optix) that can be accessed and managed using FactoryTalk Hub.
    NOTE: New users joining or creating an organization may request a FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro 90-day trial entitlement.

FactoryTalk® Optix

  • FactoryTalk Hub
    : Online service platform where you can access Rockwell Automation cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to create your organizations and design, build and maintain your assets.
    Cloud-based SaaS solutions are included in FactoryTalk Hub in the form of tiles. Once a new user accesses the FactoryTalk Hub, they will be granted a 90-day trial period for using FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro.
  • FactoryTalk Optix Studio
    : Locally installed design editor that is available at no cost. FactoryTalk Optix Studio provides editing tools for designing HMIs. No activation or entitlement is required.
    NOTE: FactoryTalk Optix Studio is also referred to as FactoryTalk Optix Studio Standard.
    NOTE: See FactoryTalk Optix Studio setup overview to install FactoryTalk Optix Studio.
  • FactoryTalk Optix Studio with a Pro entitlement
    : Cloud design editor that can run in a web browser or as a locally installed application. FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro requires a subscription based on a user entitlement.
    The Pro entitlement allows the activation of a the web-browser based editor and provides technical support and features that require acloud connection, such as cloud-based code repository integration, cloud-hosted version control, remote deployment requiring FactoryTalk Remote Access, and multi-user collaboration.
    NOTE: See FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro upgrade overview to install FactoryTalk Optix Studio with a Pro entitlement.
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro and FactoryTalk Optix Runtime Tools require respectively an entitlement that needs to be allocated to an organization.
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlements are then assigned to organization users, whereas FactoryTalk Optix Runtime Tools entitlements are then assigned to the devices where they are installed.
  • FactoryTalk Optix Application
    : Comprises two main components:
    • Project
      : Represents the design and configuration of your application.
    • Runtime
      : The Runtime environment where your application runs.
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
    enables you to create your application by combining your project with the appropriate Runtime. The choice of Runtime depends on the target device, for example x86 or ARM and the operating system, Windows or Linux.
  • Runtime Tools
    : You must install the Runtime Tools package on the target device to allow for entitlement management and application deployment. This package includes two components:
    • Application Update Service
      : Service running in the background that allows FactoryTalk Optix Studio to connect to the target device and deploy the application.
    • Entitlement Manager
      : Application that manages FactoryTalk Optix entitlements.
    Runtime Tools are already embedded in OptixPanels™ and EEC (Embedded Edge Computes).
    You have to download, install and activate Runtime Tools for Windows and Linux devices.
    NOTE: See Install FactoryTalk Optix Runtime Tools and related subchapters for further information on this subject.

Requirements for installation and setup

Installing and using the FactoryTalk Optix system components requires:
A company is typically associated with an organization that can be joined by company users. All of the entitlements activated for a company are allocated to the organization.
IMPORTANT: FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro entitlements are assigned to specific users, whereas FactoryTalk Optix Runtime entitlements are assigned to a specific Runtime device.
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