DC Micro (M12) Connection Systems

Our Bulletin 889D DC Micro (M12) Connection Systems feature industry standard 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 8-pin connectors for your DC-powered components. Cordsets and patchcords feature overmolded connectors and are available in a variety of configurations to suit a wide range of applications and environments. A full complement of splitters and tees, distribution boxes, V- and Y-cables, field-attachable connectors, and panel-mount receptacles round out the line and add even more flexibility to your field wiring.

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Our Bulletin 889 DC Micro (M12) Cordsets & Patchcords provide secure connections for proximity sensors, limit switches, photoelectric sensors and other field devices. Available with straight or right-angle 4- or 5-pin overmolded connectors, these cables feature a choice of materials and jacket colors, including red to identify safety applications. Some models include braided shielding for noise reduction and status indicators for power and output status indication.

DC Micro (M12) Cordsets & Patchcords
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Our Bulletin 879D DC Micro (M12) V- & Y-Cables allow two field devices to be interfaced to a single I/O port. The slim, space-saving design features polyvinylchloride (PVC) jacket and ratcheting coupling nuts.

DC Micro (M12) V- & Y-Cables
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Our splitters & tees are designed for use with dual input distribution boxes and MaXum™ distributed I/O. Splitters and tees allow two field devices to be interfaced with a single I/O port. The polyurethane (PUR) insulated body offers resistance to oil and chemicals. The ratcheting coupling nuts provide superior vibration resistance.


Splitters & Tees
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Our Bulletin 871A and 889 Screw Terminals are field-attachable connectors for use with raw cable. Available in male and female versions, these 4- and 5- pin models contain screw terminals for quick and easy assembly of custom cables on the plant floor. They can be straight or right-angled and are available for use with various cable diameters.


Screw Terminals
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Our Bulletin 888 DC Micro (M12) Panel Mount Receptacles are die-cast connectors ideal for use in enclosures or for creating custom wiring configurations. Their modular design provides panel-mount capability, helps keep things neat and organized, and allows simple replacement in areas where cables are likely to be damaged or replaced frequently.

DC Micro (M12) Panel Mount Receptacles
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Our Bulletin 871A and 889 DC Micro (M12) Insulation Displacement Connectors are used with raw cable to create quick connections on the plant floor. IDC installation requires no tools. Simply insert the unstripped conductors into the connector body, and twist the connector ends together. The result is a durable, gas-tight electrical connection in a rugged IP67-rated housing. These connectors are available in male and female 3- or 4-pin configurations, and in straight and right-angle versions.

DC Micro (M12) Insulation Displacement Connectors
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Our Bulletin 898 DC Micro (M12) Distribution Boxes connect multiple devices to the control system and are a great way to increase flexibility and cut costs. They lower your labor costs by reducing installation and troubleshooting time. Our distribution boxes require less space, look neater and more organized, and keep cable replacement simple in areas where cables are easily damaged.

DC Micro (M12) Distribution Boxes