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Industrial Bakery Automation and Information Systems

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Increasing yield while maintaining a flexible line is seen as a contradiction to some food manufacturers. Our automation technology offers a balanced solution for increased productivity and profitability.

Increase Yield and Optimize Assets

Get Insight into Material Usage and Reduce Raw Material Costs

When you take an enterprise-wide approach that embraces information-enabled technologies and automation, it can help you:

  • Increase visibility to plant OEE
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve yield and reduce losses
  • Respond to changing consumer preferences
  • Improve quality and consistency

Close monitoring and control of operations, processes, and costs requires automation solutions that offer actionable OEE information so you can:

  • Improve your manufacturing operations
  • Improve effectiveness and reduce variability of your bakery product
  • Provide information visibility with reduced effort

MES Performance Management Solution

CPGSuite Software Offers Integrated Approach to Bakery Production

How do you achieve operational excellence, increase the effectiveness of your supply chain, comply with increasing regulations, and meet your sustainability goals? These challenges require an end-to-end solution for your bakery automation, from the shop floor to the top floor. A solution like FactoryTalk CPGSuite of software.

CPGSuite: MES for Food and Beverage Industry

Technology Ensures a Future Proof Plant

King’s Hawaiian Standardizes on Common Network

King's Hawaiian prepares for the future, with a common network and Integrated Architecture automation and control system. This combination makes it easier to integrate and share data between machines.

The integrated control and information system provides:

  • Graphically rich, role-based production data
  • Remote access to real-time and historical time-series data from all equipment and data sources in the plant
  • Intuitive production dashboards that provide a comprehensive picture of the factors that contribute to operational performance.

As a result, King's Hawaiian doubled production and increased capacity and met implementation timeline targets.

Bakery Automation and Control Systems

Real-time Information and Control for Bakery Operations

The lack of visibility and real-time reporting during production can lead to an increased amount of inedible product and potential food-safety compliance risks. Our integrated control and information systems help bakery manufacturers efficiently control processes to match customer demand. A secure, networked plant ensures compliance while providing flexibility and productivity.

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