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希望減少與大型資本專案相關的風險? 這便是主要自動化承包商 (MAC) 可以做到的事。無論是在電氣或儀錶等特定領域,還是與 OEM 設備整合等第三方設備商的更多合作,我們都可以幫助您管理大型專案的部分或大量內容,同時與工程、採購及建設進行協調。


管理創建型或升級型專案相關的風險都會完整記錄。這些風險您可能已經經歷過了,不想重蹈覆轍!我們具備在大型資本專案中擔任 MAC 的經驗,並擁有可靠的方法來避免專案範圍、預算超支和不良供應商管理的困境。我們能夠幫助您漸少風險,並讓專案交付符合期限與預算。就像這位客戶一樣。


為了避免預算超支與範疇蔓延,位於北美洲的一間能源生產公司選擇了 Rockwell Automation 來擔任 MAC。我們透過 FAT 測試與持續支援來啟動預先前端工程與設計。透過在整個專案的生命週期中與我們合作,他們的時程加快了 4-6 週,因此節省了約 5% 的預算。

OEM MAC 是什麼?

在您的下一個資本專案中與 OEM MAC 合作

主要自動化承包商是一種單一承包商,可為您提供工程服務以管理儀器、資訊與專案的安全層面。OEM MAC 會超前部署並提前投入專案,以應對磨合連線能力和整合方面的挑戰。他們可幫助建立技術標準,並在建構流程中與 OEM 合作。這種方式的一大優勢便是標準化。在所有的磨合工作中擁有相同的自動化標準,將使整合變得更輕鬆。由於網路與系統已經過協調,讓資料存取十分容易。組織良好的先期專案規劃可以使製程更順暢,節省您寶貴的啟動時間並降低風險。

Success for a Major Oil and Gas Operator With MAC

Multiple Systems Safely Upgraded with Minimal Disruption

Total E&P UK Ltd understood the benefits of using a MAC and came to us when they were ready for a multi-system upgrade. Their emergency shutdown system, fire and gas safety system, process control system, and vibration-monitoring system were all in need of upgrades. A large project that carried a lot of risk.

And, the results were impactful:

  • Negligible impact on production due to skillful use of scheduled downtime and concurrent installation
  • Remote platform control now gives them access to real-time data
  • Upgrades gave them a commonality of spares, maintenance, and vendors across sites
  • Used existing equipment, such as safety system infrastructure and cabinets
  • Improved operator ergonomics
  • An excellent record of no LTIs during the project
  • Improvements led to a HSE safety award nomination

Gold Fields Reduces Risk with MAC

Flagship Growth Project Helps Support Sustainable Gold Mining

We help companies expand what they think is possible. In this case: to become the global leader in sustainable gold mining. Gold Field’s South Deep Mine in South Africa needed a complete system design upgrade in order to meet that challenge. Rockwell Automation engineering services worked with Gold Fields to help them reach that goal. Now they are that much closer to being the leader in sustainable gold mining.

A new control system has resulted in:

  • The ability to see plant-wide systems in real-time and report against predefined KPIs
  • One centralized process control system
  • More informed business decisions
  • Improved alarm capabilities
  • Reduced risk of backwards incompatibility

準備好與 Rockwell Automation 顧問洽談了嗎?


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