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數十幾年來,我們的全球化領域專家結合技術與業界專業知識並取得適當平衡,為油氣業、化學業和金屬礦業等重工業提供前端工程與設計 (FEED) 服務。我們也為餐飲業和生物科技業等輕工業提供這些服務。本公司以降低客戶的風險,將投資回報最大化為宗旨。



前端工程與設計 (FEED) 是專案成功的關鍵角色。前端工程與設計不只能夠預估成本,其他功能包括專案範圍、預算、整體擁有成本、實作時間表和風險評估。結合所有這些因素皆有助於在詳細的工程設計與試運轉階段降低風險和不確定性,降低風險則有助於在整個生產生命週期內創造價值。


  • 降低生命週期成本
  • 降低專案在技術、排程與成本上的風險
  • 更快完成廠房啟動和轉換
  • 降低 EHS 與合規風險
  • 改善風險的識別與減緩


A Major Oil and Gas Operator Has Success Through FEED

Oil and Gas Operator Improves and Upgrades Its Operations

Total E&P UK Ltd. called Rockwell Automation for engineers, components, and support for systems upgrades across their platforms. The results:

  • Concurrent installation and effective use of scheduled downtime meant that there was negligible impact on production
  • Remote platform control
  • Commonality of spares, maintenance, and vendors across sites
  • Use of existing equipment, such as safety system infrastructure and cabinets
  • Improved operator ergonomics
  • An excellent record of no LTIs during the project
  • Nominated for HSE safety award

Gold Fields Reduces Risk with FEED

Seamless Integration Helps South Deep Gold Mine Become More Efficient

Our engineers helped accomplish a long-term customer vision: To be the global leader in sustainable gold mining. This vision was a flagship growth project in South Africa. The results:

  • Comprehensive plant visualization and reports against predefined KPIs
  • Centralized process control
  • More informed business decisions
  • Improved capability
  • Minimal risk of backward incompatibility
  • Fast delivery time of control system
準備好與 Rockwell Automation 顧問洽談了嗎?


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