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Data Management and Reporting for Effective Manufacturing Intelligence

Managing your data is not just about collecting data, but looking at the “right” data in your systems and creating reports that provide effective decision making information for productivity improvements. Learn how to create a system that works for your needs and can provide immediate results.

Let Your Data Work for You

What's NEW in HMI Webinar

Thinking about migrating your HMI? Not sure how to take the next step? Spend less than an hour to learn how HMI challenges can be managed in a modern way!

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Mobility and Portability with Today's Rockwell Software

Bring your own device to work? Need to support mobile workers? Production and operations management solutions today require various forms of access to their Manufacturing Intelligence systems including mobile devices and web clients.

take plant floor mobile

Superior Alarming with Rockwell Automation HMI

Learn how FactoryTalk Alarm and Events from Rockwell Automation steps beyond the traditional alarming strategy of competitors and leverages industry leading technology that sets a new standard in performance, design, and maintenance for your control system.

Tech Strategy Improves Alarming

FactoryTalk View - What's New Webinar

Production and operations management solutions need anytime, anywhere access to their Manufacturing Intelligence systems. In this session, see how Rockwell Software can begin to accomplish these goals with access to FactoryTalk View SE, FactoryTalk ViewPoint, and eventing on any mobile platform.

Support Mobile Workers

Don't Miss Modernize Metals Production With MES Webinar

Metal and steel manufacturers struggle with legacy systems, lack of production intelligence, and capturing and maintaining 'tribal knowledge' as it walks out the door. Learn how modern MES can ease the struggle with data collection, manufacturing intelligence, material tracking, and knowledge, quality, performance and recipe management.

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Designing your HMI for Mobility

Learn how secure, mobile-ready solutions from Rockwell Automation allow you to easily access, monitor, and interact with plant floor operations on demand, improving the productivity of users at every level of your organization.

Make Your HMI Mobile

New MES Applications Reduce Barrier to Entry

MES lets you tap into the benefits of smart manufacturing. Learn more about the new, scalable MES apps that reduce the barrier to entry, bringing smart manufacturing to the masses.

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Connect Plant Floor and Business Quality Systems to Improve Operations

See how FactoryTalk Quality can help you deliver quality products on time and to react quickly to quality issues.

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Improve Order Process Efficiency for More Profitable Operations

See how FactoryTalk Production can help you to better manage and control order processes.

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Protect your Automation Asset Investment

Why is Asset Management important? Get a brief overview in this video.

Improve your productivity

Manufacturing Intelligence Made Easy

Learn how simple it is to take the data you’re already collecting and turn it into decision making information—even from a mobile device!

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Modern HMI Reduces Risk and Downtime

Obsolete SCADA systems and security concerns drove this food manufacturer to migrate their unsupported systems to a distributed FactoryTalk View SE application in a secure, virtualized environment. Solution Partner Grantek Systems guides them to the future.

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Manage Your Automation Investment Effectively

Modern facilities have hundreds or even thousands of assets. Managing all of these assets and avoiding unplanned downtime have become even more important in manufacturing today. Maintenance Engineers need a tool to understand their automation infrastructure, reducing downtime and better managing lifecycles. FactoryTalk AssetCentre can provide that solution.

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Information sharing drives performance

When a large consumer packaged goods company sought ideas for sharing OEE data and KPIs to global decision makers, it implemented a Manufacturing Intelligence solution.

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