Industrial Communications

The Lifeblood of your Industrial Digital Transformation

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All those ones and zeros traveling through industrial networks from one automation asset to another is what brings your industrial operations to life. Securely transporting that data and successfully reconstructing it at it’s intended destination is what keeps your operations humming. And industrial communication is at the heart of it all. Without it, monitoring, managing, controlling, and securing your operations would be an impossibility. 

FactoryTalk® Linx provides an indispensable foundation for all things that speak FactoryTalk (and even those third-party devices that are integral partners in your industrial ecosystem).

Industrial Comms that Deliver the Goods

FactoryTalk Linx delivers a solution from small applications running on a single computer with a single controller, to large distributed and even redundant data server configurations communicating with large automation systems.

It Takes a Village to Meet your Production Goals

FactoryTalk Linx Gateway allows you to coexist and communicate with devices that natively speak FactoryTalk as well as those that don’t. This software adds a classic OPC-DA and OPC UA server interface to deliver information collected by FactoryTalk Linx from ControlLogix®, CompactLogix™ and other Allen-Bradley controllers to external OPC clients, permitting third-party software to seamlessly chat  with FactoryTalk software so your production KPIs can be met with ease.

Establishing a Strong Communication Backbone

Whether it's a facility with decades worth of machinery, or a newly installed system, understanding the communication protocols at play is key. Assumptions and misunderstandings can mean disrupted production and difficult troubleshooting. However, an understanding and a plan for your protocols can make your communications backbone strong.

Change the Game with Your Communication Strategy

Help Production Workers Confidently Operate and Manage Machines

View this webinar to learn how the right communications strategy across your system ensures that you're able to access the right data and send it to the right devices. Adoption of key principles like industry standards and security practices means that you're able to connect devices in a way that is effective and supportable.