FactoryTalk Analytics

Rockwell Automation has a stated goal of enabling advanced analytics for manufacturing. To make decisions when and where they matter most, new capabilities offered through FactoryTalk Analytics reduce hurdles to unleashing information. These capabilities open up access to ad-hoc analytics and performs advanced analysis by pulling structured and unstructured data from virtually any existing source in the enterprise.

The FactoryTalk Analytics platform is scalable, processes data from edge devices where the data is created and can intelligently fuse related data.  To achieve outcomes, delivering analytics in intuitive dashboards – called storyboards – give users outcomes they can share and view. Self-serve drill downs help make better decisions, dramatically reducing the time to value.


  • The New FactoryTalk Analytics Platform

    Industrial organizations must be able to quickly identify ways to tighten production schedules and maximize revenue. A fast response is difficult when analytics tools are managed by IT departments, and can require days or months to create new analytics for new problems.  The expanded FactoryTalk Analytics portfolio provides a robust advanced analytics environment with powerful new tools to answer questions as or even before they arise.

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  • FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices

    Need to keep track on the health and diagnostics of your smart devices? Setup is simple - connect Ethernet then wait five minutes. As devices are discovered, data is collected and dashboards are built. These analytics can provide visibility into an asset’s performance to optimize its uptime. Tap into your device data to produce real-time alerts about critical device and machine health.

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  • FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines

    Multi-plant analytics can help drive throughput and yield, tapping plant-level data to deliver real-time updates to operators and analyze machine or facility trends. FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines enables OEM-based remote monitoring, which can identify asset maintenance needs and even predict failures before they happen.

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  • FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI

    FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI collects data from disparate sources and systems to create role-based context for informed decision making. 

    FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI

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