FactoryTalk TeamONE

The app for team productivity!

Our team’s mission is to increase productivity by a minimum of 33 seconds per hour instantly for every industrial role with zero friction. Doing that for a plant that has 2000 people, on average, could move the productivity needle by $1.4M/year! We believe that the knowledge workers have is as important as data from automation devices and FactoryTalk TeamONE transforms the device into a smart node with modules that incorporates both. TeamONE is a ground up new product that our team, along with a team from Microsoft, have innovated and put the platform components within the app itself - transforming the device into a smart node that opportunistically syncs and keeps industrial communications local. TeamONE is designed for hybrid connected industrial environments and can be downloaded, installed and used right away by anyone on any company or personally owned iOS and Android smartphones. Download the FactoryTalk TeamONE Free Edition now!

TeamONE delivers one new experience and helps industrial teams improve productivity.
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