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Battery makers need a long-term automation strategy now if they’re going to keep up with the unprecedented growth of the electric vehicle market.

Making Electric Vehicles in the Age of IIoT

Learn how smart manufacturing strategies can help you produce high-quality electric vehicles quickly, affordably and with minimal risk.

June 2019 Full Issue

Download the full PDF of the June 2019 print issue of The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork.

How a Steel Producer Improved Yield by 3%

Railway track accessories company improved uptime and processes by using manufacturing intelligence software to eliminate manual data handling.

Automation Fair Puts Future in Your Hands

See for yourself the digital technologies, converged networks and other smart technologies driving industrial automation trends.

Control System Drives New Polymer Plant

Learn how Mitsubishi Chemical sped up its polymer production site deployment for automotive airbags and used remote access to reduce start-up challenges.

As Time Advances, So Will Your Operations

Take a look into the future to see how current control, analytics and safety technologies will reshape industries in the coming decades.

4 Key Areas to Improve Risk Management Efforts

Reduce the likelihood of hazards in automotive operations by focusing on the areas where those risks originate: safety, quality, obsolescence and security.

Webinar: Thermal Control for Critical Operations

Learn how to control temperature-critical processes, such as metals, automotive and glass, including how a pyrometer works and the basics of good temperature measurement and emissivity.

How Auto Company Optimizes Integrated Architecture

Learn how an OEM provides efficient, flexible equipment for users’ tire-rubber mixing processes.

A New Way to Protect Your Network

A modern security approach can better protect industrial control systems and other critical assets from potential attackers.

What's New in Industrial Access Control?

Modernizing and layering your employee badges can be an effective way to help protect production processes, data and assets from physical and cybersecurity threats.

Eagle Technologies Speeds Products to Market

Modular standards and a single platform help optimize design and development of custom automated assembly systems for many industries.

MES Helps Automakers Boost Flexibility, Quality

MES software can help automakers manage complexity, improve responsiveness and maintain quality as part of the move to flexible manufacturing.

You Really Can Use Mobile Devices in the Plant

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet now can connect securely in an industrial setting to access performance metrics and data analytics.

VIDEO: New Arc-Resistant AC Drive

See the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 AC drive system with ArcShield technology that is the first arc-resistant medium voltage drive with full regeneration capabilities.

VIDEO: Electrical Safety Tasks Outside the Cabinet

See how safety best practices are combined into multiple products to mitigate risk to make it easier for workers to perform maintenance and other daily tasks.

Build Your Future Workforce

Workforce changes require a multifaceted approach that includes machine design, training and recruitment strategy to meet safety needs of both newer and experienced workers.

How an Auto Parts Manufacturer Cut Cycle Times

Using control loop monitoring software, a major lug nut producer slashed its lengthy heat-treatment batch process cycle time by 9.3% to improve production output.

Select the Right Safety Logic System

Choosing the correct system for your application can help optimize safety, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Partners Help with Machinery Safety Applications

Users want firms like Rockwell Automation to be their machine safety consultant. Rockwell Automation looks to its Solution Partners to provide engineering and installation services.

February 2016 Full Issue

Download the full PDF of the February 2016 issue of The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork.

2015 Network Design & Security Ebook

This free resource is designed to help users achieve efficient, secure hard-wired and wireless industrial network design.

Webinar: Lifecycle Extension & Migrations

Learn how effective management of automation obsolescence risk can be accomplished without sacrificing profitability, quality or production rates.

Can You Predict Your Motor's Life?

Proper motor protection and a condition monitoring solution can help you determine how and when a motor might fail so you can pre-empt the problem.

Free Ebook: Report on Electrical Systems

The new 2015 “Special Report on Electrical Systems” Ebook is now available for free download at

How Modern LOTO Procedures Increase Efficiency

Learn the five components needed for an effective lockout/tagout program, and the common traits for improving productivity in any industry.

Why Are Drives Easier to Apply Than Soft Starters?

Consider torque requirements, speed control and power distribution when deciding between a soft starter or an AC drive for an application.

3 Ways OEMs Help Boost Your Network Security

Using secure remote access and being proactive about protecting networks and machines can help protect critical data from cyber threats.

The Basics of Remote Alarm Notification

Learn how modern remote alarm notification technology can integrate with existing controls, minimize “alarm fatigue,” and meet the needs of mobile plant workers.

Converge Your IT and OT

Combining efforts of information and operations technology staff can help better support plant performance and requires unique collaboration.

Why Secure Remote Access is Important

With proper security procedures and architectural systems in place, OEMs can deliver more value to end users and reduce concerns about cybersecurity hacks.

Tips for Making the Most of Asset Intelligence

Integrating maintenance and operations in real time can create a universally integrated IT infrastructure designed to drive superior asset performance.

Machine Safety Alternative to Complete Shutdown

Follow the Machinery Safety Lifecycle to design integrated machine safety solutions that help protect employees, reduce costs, comply with regulations and improve productivity.

Reengineer LOTO

Modern technology offers new ways to stay productive while maintaining lockout/tagout compliance - even if you sometimes need to work on partially-live equipment.

How Membranes Can Help Dry Compressed Air

Non-electric technology for drying compressed air in electrical cabinets eliminates sparking risk in hazardous environments.

Tips and Tools for Energy Savings

Engineers and electricians can use this information to log and reduce equipment energy consumption, and then quantify the savings to justify improvements to managers.

Webinar: Introduction to Virtualization

Server virtualization architecture and hardware; how virtualization benefits manufacturers; and guidelines for increasing system availability.

4 Steps to Secure the Physical Layer

Protect your industrial network from internal threats by limiting access to physical devices such as USB ports and cables.

Three Tips for Fortifying Your Network

An open network, segregated areas and physical protections will maximize security and provide a first line of defense against internal and external threats.

Basics of Screw-Drive Rodless Actuators

We examine the factors that affect drive train selection and characteristics of the three types of power screw drives used in linear actuators.