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An Icon-Based HMI. What Could Be Simpler?

Redesigned DuraKut dicer from Marlen is easier to use – and meets sanitary challenges and new consumer demands head-on. Features an icon-based HMI to speed training.

Wastewater Plant Gains Visibility with Modern DCS

City of Tacoma wastewater treatment plant migrates to modern DCS and production intelligence software, gains crystal clear view into operations.

Dairy Modernizes – and Captures Competitive Edge

In multiphase plant expansion, OEM Qualtech transforms manual dairy with a completely automated process.

Latest Process Technology For Syngas Production

Leigh Creek Energy uses the latest process control and automation technology for syngas production.

Quarry Invests in Intelligent Motor Control

Boral recently invested in an intelligent motor control solution to improve uptime and leverage the longevity and compliance provided by the latest motor control technology.

PlantPAx DCS delivers total control of LNG tankers

Leonardo deploys PlantPAx DCS based on its modularity and openness, coupled with Rockwell Automation experience in naval, oil & gas processing and energy applications.

Harmonics and Energy Cut in High-Speed Centrifuge

Iscador reduces energy use and harmonics in high-RPM pharma manufacturing application.

Flour Mill Boosts Production with Control System

East Coast flour mill gains unprecedented operational efficiencies, increased uptime and safety improvements by switching to advanced control platform.

Sleeman Breweries Expands With Process Automation

Sleeman Breweries needed to meet consumer demand. With an updated process automation system, Sleeman increased production capacity by 50 percent.

HVAC Solution Meets Regulatory Requirements

Qui Long worked with Rockwell Automation to develop a new HVAC system suitable for life sciences industry – delivering higher levels of automation control and information systems.

PlantPAx DCS Helps Address Power-Gen Emissions

Thanks to deployment of the industry-proven PlantPAx DCS, the particulate emissions at a Romanian fossil-fuel power plant are now compliant with national targets.

OEM Launches First-of-a-kind Machine

Hirata developed a machine for the electric vehicle market that can help mass produce batteries.

New PanelView HMI Gains NSF Certification

Rockwell Automation creates new NSF-Certified HMI for food industry. Stands up to extreme IP69K operational and wash down practices.

Extraordinary Functionality – in Half the Space

AFA Systems takes full advantage of robotics in monobloc cartoning solution that runs on a single control platform.

Integrated Processing Plant Maximizes Production

This dairy needed to increase production capacity to meet increasing consumer demand. With PlantPAx DCS, the dairy reduced energy usage and increased production.

Serialization Solution Helps Pharma Company

With a turnkey serialization solution, biopharma company is creating high-quality, life-saving medicines – and surpassing current and evolving regulatory requirements.

O&G Producer Reduces Downtime by 20 Percent

With integrated condition monitoring and unparalleled local support, O&G producer reduced downtime of critical assets by 20 percent.

Distillery Modernizes for Increased Production

Jim Beam implements Model Predictive Control at Clermont, Kentucky distillery to maximize throughput while respecting equipment and process constraints.

DuPont Boosts Throughput with Batch Control System

Solvent plant has realized $1 million in new monthly revenue with a modern DCS system and greater batch automation.

Factory Upgrade Safeguards Gelatine Production

To safeguard future production of a large-scaled gelatine manufacturing plant, an innovative risk management approach was undertaken to help identify and replace legacy equipment.

Pavillion8 Solution Optimises Dairy Production

With a strong commitment to continuous improvement of current manufacturing assets, Miraka invested in a solution to optimise their milk powder process.

PlantPAx DCS Offers Real-Time Transparency

Using the PlantPAx DCS, ZIPPE created a high-availability and powerful batch plant within one year.

Intelligent Motor Control Assists Explosives Plant

A new explosives manufacturing plant in Europe invests in the latest motor control technology from Australia.

Chemical Company Migrates to Modern DCS

Tomatic replaces unsupported black-box hardware & software at construction chemical company with modern, integrated, connected process control solution with Industrie 4.0 capabilities.

Water-Treatment Plant Deploys PlantPAx DCS

In a recent clean water treatment project in Denmark, AB Electric A/S was tasked with developing and installing a comprehensive PlantPAx-based control and monitoring solution.

DuPont Increases Operational Availability

Modernizing a plant in Brazil provided faster maintenance agility, better control of operating costs and gains in flexibility.

SCADA Water System Upgrade Saves Agency Millions

Agency in Monterey, California, upgrades water treatment system to improve data collection and save millions with PlantPAx DCS.

Farmer Cooperative Grows with Process Automation

At Midwest Farmers Cooperative’s new ag terminal, a distributed control system enables the co-op to move grain through quickly and reach new markets.

PlantPAx Decreases Costs and Increases Efficiency

With a standardized system enabled by PlantPAx, the modern DCS, KCC was able to improve efficiency, reduce engineering time, reduce downtime and improve maintenance.

Producer Sees Opportunity in Obsolescence

Biopharmaceuticals producer upgrades skid control systems that are near the end of their service lives, and improves operations visibility and uptime in the process.

Model Predictive Control Boosts Capacity

Kraft Heinz increases food-production capacity on production line by 10 percent and reduces quality variability with model predictive control software.

Repsol Unearths Benefits in SIS Migration

Oil and gas company Repsol uses SIS migration to meet new internal safety requirements while minimizing obsolescence risks and improving visibility in the process.

Columbia Pipeline Group Reaches 99.5% Reliability

Systemwide integration technologies saves $2.3 million in maintenance and downtime.

250-Acre Oil Tank Farm Streamlines Operations

A U.S. liquid petroleum distributor implemented a virtualized distributed control system from Rockwell Automation in a new facility and reduced training and troubleshooting.

Solving Obsolescence Issue with S88 Solution

Optima Control Solutions solves obsolescence issues at leading UK biscuit manufacturer and delivers high quality S88-based batch control solution.

Logix Revolutionises Ship’s Systems Development

Turkish maritime ship-board control provider leverages proven industrial hardware and software SCADA architecture to revolutionise ship’s systems development.

MedImmune Integrates Control With PlantPAx System

Maker of FluMist nasal vaccine implements modern DCS to access critical information from disparate systems.

Phosphate Producer Modernizes DCS and HMI

The Mosaic Company enhances decision-making capabilities and reduces alarms by 50 percent with modern DCS.

Potato Product Supplier Standardizes With PlantPAx

Integrated production intelligence provides insight to real-time data, allowing operators to perform predictive maintenance procedures.

Quimikao Uses Process Automation Technologies

A leading chemical producer increased production efficiency and improved product quality and consistency.

Prodesa Cuts 1,000 Hours of Engineering Time

Using PlantPAx, Prodesa cuts 1,000 hours of engineering time in the development and implementation of the world’s second biggest wood pellet plant.

Wastewater Facility Standardizes with PlantPAx

The City of College Station reduced energy costs by $65,000 annually while increasing production from 8.1 million gallons per day to 11.8 million gallons.

Oil and Gas: Thinking Outside the Black Box

Energy Control Technologies abandoned proprietary technologies in favor of an open-systems approach for a new turbomachinery process control solution.

Voltage Monitoring Reduces Facility Downtime

After receiving multiple power interruptions that resulted in damaged equipment, Commerce Township installed a voltage monitoring system – resulting in reduced downtime and compliance risk.

DELIN Elettronica Implements PlantPAx DCS

A system integrator based in Modena, Italy, deploys the PlantPAx DCS for a gas dehydration process with integrated safety management.

Cost Effective Process Safety Solution Delivered

Inspec Solutions, a leading steel producer, addresses safety concerns and gains easily expandable solution, with less cost and engineering effort.

Tata One Step Closer to The Connected Enterprise

InControl Systems deployed a modernised Rockwell Automation-based kiln control system at Tata Steel addressing obsolescence & reliability.

Tereos Sugar: Intelligent and Sustainable Refining

Leading sugar producer replaces legacy DCS with PlantPAx to obtain and integrate boiler control for vital operations.

Fully Autonomous Wellsite Skids With PlantPAx DCS

Frames Flow Control & Safeguarding has used PlantPAx and AADvance on nine fully autonomous well-site skids at the Nawara oil field in Tunisia.

Drug-Maker Improves Compliance With MES Software

By completely eliminating the paper-documentation burden from production operations, MES helps increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enforce compliance in real-time.

Automatic Control System Optimizes Management

Development of an automatic control system for EP Petroecuador reduced downtime, tripled loading capability and optimized of delivery for the Balao terminal.

Anglo Platinum Gains Production Intelligence

The world's largest platinum producer implemented the PlantPAx process automation system, gaining access to data to track recipes in real time and make adjustments as needed.

Anchor Glass Drinks in Savings With Modern DCS

Anchor Glass implemented a PlantPAx modern DCS to improve energy efficiency after an aging furnace was threatening productivity.

Cancer Treatment Facility Reduces Time in Clinic

Clinic managers recognized the need to improve patients’ wait time. Arena simulation software improved the experience for both patients and staff with minimal disruption.

Process Control Solution Speeds Up Facility Launch

PlantPAx DCS library of process objects and alarm builder tools help CPG company meet a tight launch deadline for its new LEED Platinum facility.

Collaboration Helps Drive Innovation at FEECO

With a focus on granulation, FEECO helps companies design, test and fine-tune new processes and equipment - and transform ideas into production-scale applications.

Manufacturing Intelligence Helps Reduce Scrap

An automotive glass company implemented manufacturing intelligence software from Rockwell Automation in a new facility and reduced scrap by 30 percent.

Yuhan-Kimberly Updates Tissue Plant in South Korea

Smooth migration increases productivity with no downtime while adding process control and safety over a single network.

corosys Ready to Conquer Us Brewing Market

Engineering time cut in half and legislation addressed for brewing carbonation system, thanks to Integrated Architecture approach.

Fonterra Overhauls Standardizing System

Better compositional control of milk powder products with a Pavilion8® solution. Global dairy company upgrades to create a more agile operation.

EKB Deploys Modern Microbrewery Control Solution

Local Recognised System Integrator (RcSi) EKB, Hogeschool of Utrecht and Rockwell Automation combine to deliver fully featured but easy-to-use open control solution within minimal budget.

Tradebe Implements PlantPAx to Control Terminal

Suris, a system integrator, implements an open process system to control, manage and monitor the Tradebe port infrastructure, reducing operation complexity and costs

PlantPAx Slashes Engineering Efforts at ProLabNL

PlantPAx, deployed by ProMotion BV at leading Dutch oil and gas test facility, eclipses performance and flexibility of widely available incumbent process control solution.

Explosives Control System Upgrade Under Control

A leading explosives manufacturer in Australia upgraded its control system with an integrated solution that meets safety standards and provides manufacturing intelligence.

Mining Operation Gains New Control System

Anglo American Minas-Rio System, one of the most important mining operations in the world gains the capacity to produce 26.5 million tons of iron ore per year

Virtualization Solution Reduces Downtime

Rockwell Automation solution helps oil giant increase uptime, speed disaster recovery and ease system management.

Campari Centralizes Bourbon Production

Spirits giant Campari moved its bourbon and vodka processing and bottling operations into a new facility that includes nearly 40 tanks and three high-speed automated bottling lines.

Desalination Plant Operates at Maximum Efficiency

The Soreq plant is the world's biggest seawater desalination plant. At the heart of its operations is a PlantPAx® process control system.

Gas Processing Plant Enhances Safety

A gas processing plant eliminated nuisance alarms and improved productivity with a Rockwell Automation alarm-management solution.

LBC Tank Terminal Deploys PlantPAx Solution

Agidens, a Rockwell Automation Recognised System Integrator, replaces obsolete control solution on one site and replaces software at another

Petroamazonas Upgrades HMI, Reduces Downtime

Petroamazonas upgraded two sites to the PlantPAx process automation system, immediately reducing in downtime. Virtualization cut capital expenditures by 70 percent.

Metalquimia Deploys Integrated Architecture

Food industry machine builder commissions Automatismes Girona, S.L. (AUGI) to implement advanced control and information system to control and supervise its most innovative project.

Modern DCS Helps Plant Gain Insights, Reduce Waste

Food and beverage plant has cut its annual waste by $500,000 using a DCS with production intelligence.

Monsanto Increases Capacity and Improves Quality

Monsanto consolidated three seed-conditioning facilities into one new facility to meet rising production demands. The company wanted new, state-of-the-art process control technologies.

Galvani Saves 30% in Project Costs With PlantPAx

Galvani replaces its control system with the PlantPAx® process automation system, delivering a contemporary solution and data collation and helping save 30% in project implementation costs.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Upgrades System

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals upgraded its legacy PLCs with a PlantPAx process automation system to enable plant wide multidiscipline control and information.

Production Intelligence Reduces Reporting Time

Mining company reduces manual reporting time by 80 percent with production intelligence software.

City Improves Visibility into Its Water System

Production intelligence software gives operators insights into water pump stations that previously required hours of manual manipulation.

Major Hospital Campus Upgrades to Virtualized DCS

The utility facility of a major hospital was running on an outdated DCS system, and management needed to upgrade the system without utility interruption.

New Wastewater Facility Meets Growing City Needs

CH2M Hill designed a new wastewater treatment facility for a major U.S. metro area based on a modern DCS system from Rockwell Automation.

Manufacturing Intelligence Improves Production

Manufacturing intelligence software eases validation and provides production insights at pharma company’s new production facility.

Airline Designs Self-Service Baggage Drop

To help simplify the passenger check-in process with a new self-service baggage drop, a leading North American airline turned to Arena® simulation software.

Glass Manufacturer Sees Clear Gains

When it was time to replace their aging furnace refractory, one Midwestern glass manufacturer decided to use a rare opportunity to replace the plant’s aging DCS, too.

Europe’s Fastest Shingle Production Line

ControlLogix PAC capability copes with high speed and uniform tension demands while addressing 2,000 I/O

Beverage Maker Expands Capacity

Global beverage manufacturer expands its capacity and improves consistency. Legacy batch migration features the PlantPAx process automation system.

AMCOL Predicts Equipment Failure

Dynamix™ Condition Monitoring Surveillance System from Rockwell Automation® Saves Maintenance and Capital Cost at AMCOL Bentonite Mill

Sudbury Nickel Mine Optimizes Efficiency

Sudbury nickel mine achieves optimal levels of productivity with a comprehensive control and information solution. This greenfield project serves as benchmark for future mine development.

EnWin Utilities Reduces Main Breaks by 21 Percent

EnWin Utilities applies a groundbreaking solution to mitigate pressure spikes throughout its water distribution system.

OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS Adopts a New Control System

In an effort to replace their control system with another more modern and open system, OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS implemented a new PlantPAx DCS.

Plant Optimizes with Production Intelligence

A colorant plant used software-driven insights to improve operator decision making and reduce troubleshooting times from days to minutes.

SPIN Unifies Information Plantwide

A central control room leads to a 75% reduction of losses of finished products. SPIN applies Rockwell Automation technology to unify information within an entire plant.

Fast Implementation and Reduced Costs

Successfully migrating an automation system in a polymer dispersion loading centre.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

Country Maid gains production intelligence to meet demand for hand-braided pastries, partnering with Interstates Control Systems to improve efficiency with our process solutions.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

Country Maid gains production intelligence to meet demand for hand-braided pastries, partnering with Interstates Control Systems to improve efficiency with our process solutions.

EMASESA Implements a Decentralised Peripherals

Using process technology, water company EMASESA can now manage its infrastructure more effectively and flexibly by using alternative operating modes in cases of faults or partial failure.

Gas-fired Cogeneration Plant Replaces Aging DCS

Gas-fired cogeneration plant replaces aging DCS with state-of-the-art process control system. Ripon Cogeneration enhances operational performance with PlantPAx system.

Yoghurt Company Boosts Production

From an all-manual operation to a fully-automated facility, Noosa Finest Yoghurt collaborates with Malisko Engineering to gain efficiency.

Azerbaijan State Oil Firm Deploys Process Solution

SOCAR deploys PlantPAx to maximise Kalmaz gas storage capacity and help improve efficiency and safety. Inkoel automation solution helps state oil company improve output and reliability.

Increased Productivity in Food Washing Machinery

Italian machine builder, Turatti, delivers higher productivity and seamless data distribution thanks to the PlantPAx™ Process Automation System from Rockwell Automation

Pulp and Paper Industry Solution

Enfasi provides paper manufacturers with an integrated automation solution that offers a single supervision interface to manage the production process and control paper quality.