Workforce Support and Training

Prepare Your Workforce to Combat the Global Skills Gap

The need for talented new employees has taken on greater importance as older workers retire and new technologies require new skills. The global skills gap threatens to increase plant downtime, decrease productivity, and slow speed to market. A clear workforce development and training strategy can help you mitigate these workforce challenges.

Workforce Support

The demands of your businesses are going up and the availability of skilled workers is going down. We help bridge the skills gap by providing world-class support to extend the reach of your team. Our domain experts can supplement your staff with cost-effective remote support. Job aids reinforce best practices. Our skilled engineers are available to perform maintenance or upgrades.

Workforce Training

Can your workforce meet your productivity, quality, and safety goals? Whether at a plant or across global operations, our industrial automation training programs provide foundational, intermediate, and mastery-level skills. Available around the world in local languages, training services can help:

  • Train the new generation of workers
  • Address urgent needs with accelerated programs
  • Prepare workers for Industrial IoT with training and certifications
  • Meet time and budget needs with a variety of training options

Training Advisor

Assess the Knowledge of Your Workforce and Build a Tailored Training Plan

Do you have a grasp on your workforce's knowledge and ability to perform? Training Advisor is an online assessment tool to help you establish a benchmark for the knowledge levels of your workforce. You can customize online assessments based on job tasks and installed equipment, helping you invest in the right training for your needs. When you equip your employees with the skills needed to maximize their performance, you create more value to your company and a motivated workforce.

Training Advisor Login

Craft Skills

Does Your Workforce Have Industrial Maintenance Skill Gaps?

Craft Skills training closes workforce knowledge gaps on topics such as electrical troubleshooting, motor theory, pipefitting, analytical measurement, basic mathematics, and more.

With over 50 classes available, you can help workers develop core competencies, learn fundamentals, and advance equipment-specific skills. Our portfolio of classes offers hands-on labs, workstations, and student materials.

How May We Help You?

Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional knowledge to discover how we can help you manage your skills gap challenges.