Remote Support

Quickly Resolve Production Issues and Get the Most from Your Assets

Remote Support

Whether you need help solving your biggest production problems or want to improve operations, we are here for you. Our remote support services can help optimize control system performance, improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and reduce maintenance costs. We can also help identify and fix issues before they occur, fill skills gaps, and retain knowledge for new workers.

TechConnect Support

Knowledge and Assistance for Solving Your Day-to-Day Challenges

Technical troubles cause headaches. They prevent you from being your best. Whether it is to quickly resolve production issues, improve training, or streamline software updates, purchasing our TechConnect℠ Support service can provide the knowledge and support you need to address some of your top challenges.

Resolve Issues with Online and Phone Support

  • Get support from our product specialists, who can help install and configure, troubleshoot, or diagnose technical issues - when you need them with 24/7/365 availability
  • Submit questions online or chat live with highly trained technical support engineers
  • Use the personal portal to manage phone and online interactions, receive product notifications and save favorite content

Build the Skills You Need

  • Meet training needs and improve employee performance with a discounted subscription to our new e-learning curriculum

Better Manage Your Software Updates

  • Prevent crises, extend functionality, and improve user experiences with access to the latest software updates

Get Virtual Support with Augmented Reality (AR) Services

  • Share a real-time view of what you are seeing directly with our technical experts to assist in articulating the issue
  • Access augmented reality work instructions to learn how to repair your Allen-Bradley products

Get Virtual Support with Augmented Reality (AR) Services


Live View Support Tool

Our Live View Support™ Application is a modern approach to improving your technical support experience and helping minimize machine downtime. Now, you can get back up and running quickly with skilled technical support providing virtual assistance when and how you need it. Using live video feed, an experienced technician can view your equipment in real time and provide specific, detailed directions for repairing the hardware. 3D spatial notations can be made on the screen, so you and the remote support engineer can share visual mark ups to better identify which parts or products need attention. Use your personal mobile devices for easy connection and have trained experts troubleshoot your plant-floor problems even if your location is remote. Live View Support is a core capability included in the TechConnect℠ Remote Support offering.

Digital Assist Library

Our cloud-hosted augmented reality library of work instructions brings a modern approach to learning how to repair and maintain Allen-Bradley® hardware. You can now use augmented reality to walk you through the proper steps to complete tasks. With just a TechConnect contract, a mobile device, and the Vuforia View application, you can launch an augmented reality experience related to the task you are about to perform. In an instant, augmented reality provides detailed images of the work being done so you can easily follow along and accomplish your task. You can access the repair and maintenance instructions you need without the time and inconvenience of searching the web or paging through large PDFs or manuals. The Digital Assist Library of Work Instructions is included in a standard TechConnect contract.

Remote Support Global Capabilities

With over 550 remote support engineers in 16 support centers around the world, we are ready to help you solve your problems. Learn about all the capabilities of, and options available through, Remote Support, from online support to application support, managed by specialized designated engineers.

Learn more about Application Support

Scalable Coverage to Meet Your Needs

Regardless of your business goals, our TechConnect℠ services can help you unlock the potential of your operation. We offer various service levels that cover a range of products. Select the right level of support to help reduce maintenance time and costs, and improve your overall equipment effectiveness.

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