Integrated Service Agreement

Analytics-driven Insights and Priority Support from a Trusted Partner


We can support your lifecycle journey and provide value with an Integrated Service Agreement that covers all of your support needs.

You invest in your facility and Rockwell Automation equipment and technology that runs it, and you want to maximize that investment.  An Integrated Service Agreement helps you get the most value with a flexible suite of support services. You can select the right package of offerings to meet your support needs, and it’s just one number to call for access to experts and priority service. Get 24x7 technical support, repair services, reports and analytics, field services and more, all in one integrated contract.

Priority Service and Proactive Support

One Number to Call, and Regular Performance Analytics

When you need access to technical specialists quickly, you now have just one number to call. By purchasing an Integrated Service Agreement from us, you get the best of both worlds – value and priority service.  By bundling key offerings versus standalone contracts, you can save 20%–30% over time.

Whether you need entry-level support or complete proactive support and maintenance, we have an Integrated Service Agreement that brings it all together. Our customer success team will provide you with data-driven insights to help guide you to optimize your decisions and maximize uptime.

One Source of Support Packaged to Meet Your Needs


asset reliability & uptime


total cost of ownership


installed base investment


your technical workforce

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Integrated Service Agreement Options

Get foundational services with the Essential tier, a full set of support services with the Enhanced tier, or get data insights and proactive management with the Premier tier.

Entitlements Essential Enhanced Premier
24X7 (1) REMOTE SYSTEM SUPPORT (2) CheckmarkCheckmark CheckmarkCheckmark CheckmarkCheckmark
ANNUAL REPAIR AGREEMENT Customer chooses spend and replacement offered for faster turnaround, if available. Inclusive agreement that covers all repairs (3). Replacement offered for faster turnaround, if available. Inclusive agreement that covers all repairs (3). Replacement product guaranteed (4).
CONTRACT USAGE ANALYTICS & REPORTS CheckmarkCheckmark CheckmarkCheckmark CheckmarkCheckmark
FIELD SERVICES Optional CheckmarkCheckmark Emergency callout included at no charge (when engaged with Technical Support).
INSTALLED BASE EVALUATION™ Includes access to My Equipment. Includes access to My Equipment with asset optimization consultation.
E-LEARNING TRAINING Optional Optional Optional
PARTS MANAGEMENT Optional Optional Optional

(1)   English language available 24x7.  Support in local languages available during normal working hours of 8-5 Monday – Friday.
(2)  The purchase of an agreement offers the ability to purchase e-learning subscriptions at prices only available to support agreement Customers.
(3)   Exclusions may apply.
(4)   Upon completion of Installed Base EvaluationTM.

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My Services Digital Platform Offers Modern Support

One Number to Call, and Regular Performance Analytics

Looking for an intuitive way to view and manage your service agreements and history? My Services is a self-service tool on the myRockwellAutomation.com portal that helps you get more value from your service contracts, so you can:

  • View historical service tickets and contract details quickly to reduce time solving recurring issues
  • Review service contract entitlements to achieve technical support continuity
  • Access advanced visual analytics to monitor contract usage, identify trends, isolate recurring issues and more (when you have an Integrated Service Agreement)
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