Organizations, domains
domain subfolders

NOTE: See FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager overview and related entities to learn more about
domains and
domain subfolders


The FactoryTalk Hub client allows to set up as many organizations as needed that will be associated to a domain each. In this way, the user can manage a set of applications specifically enabled for a specific organization.
NOTE: See Create an organization and a domain to learn how to create an organization.


FactoryTalk Remote Access Manager
allows to setup users and users groups with restricted scope and specific rights over the same folders. Furthermore, it is possible to set up user permissions.
NOTE: See Create an organization and a domain and Domain roles and domain groups to learn more about this subject.
A domain user can be created with a specific scope, though it might be granted some permissions among the profiles combinations that can be applied to folders and devices.
Higher levels admin users can manage any subfolder, since folder branching allows children folders to inherit parent folder permissions. The
Access Users Accounts
permission operation grants permission over a parent folder.
NOTE: See How to set permissions rights for further information on this subject.

Domain subfolder

Domain subfolders
allow to use a unique domain whenever remote devices are accessed by different companies or departments. Each company or department is assigned to their own
domain subfolder
, for which they own administration rights. This prevents each company from seeing any folders and devices related to other companies and belonging to other tree branches.
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