What's New

Current Release
: FactoryTalk DataMosaix 1.4.0

Fixes and Improvements

This release includes the following fixes and enhancements:
  • Restructuring of horizontal menu structure to a vertical menu in the Management Console.
  • Implementation of responsive menu structure with mobile view support, and rearrangement of Manage Access tabs to improve space usage on UI.
  • Implementation of feature flags that allow users to enable/disable specific features using the Features tab.
  • Implementation of FT Optix extractor for egressing FT Optix data to FT DataMosaix using Optix NetLogic object.
  • Improvement of Extractor APIs to accept 'pipelineId' instead of 'pipelineName'.
  • Implementation of search (based on name and description) as an optional parameter for the Application and Extractor APIs.
  • Implementation of pagination in API and UI for Applications and Extractors.
  • Improved security by implementing idle session timeout.
For more information, refer to the online help.

Known Anomalies

  • The scope assignment to a capability is currently limited to
  • When the user creates a machine-to-machine (M2M) application, API allows the ‘applicationUrl’ field in the payload, which is uneditable in the UI. This field is permitted only for single-page applications (SPA).


  • Search with special characters such as quotation marks ( “ ), semicolon ( ; ), apostrophe ( ' ), or less than and greater than symbols together (<>) will not work for list APIs for Roles, Applications, and Extractors and getting CORS error.
  • If the group count goes beyond 350 (irrespective of tenant, project, or organization), the token size will exceed the limit of 8 kb, leading to the token failure.
  • Only users/M2M with the roles of Application Developer, Project Admin, Data Configuration, Data Scientist, or Application User can access the list of Applications and Extractors.
  • The number of groups per project should not exceed 500. Creating groups beyond this limit results in failure.
  • The link to the CDF downloads page is broken and it redirects to the CDF home page instead.
  • Special characters are not allowed when creating models in FT DataMosaix using FT Optix.
  • Depending on the scale of the changes made to the Optix model, sometimes the changes may not be correctly pushed to the Flexible Data Model (FDM). If this happens, it is recommended to either change the FDMSpaceName property of the FTDataMosaixStore object or increase its FDMModelVersion value.
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