What's New

: FactoryTalk DataMosaix 1.3.0

Fixes and Improvements

This release includes the following enhancements:
  • Integration of Capability Groups and Roles UI in Access Management.
  • Performance improvement through caching FTHub related API results.
  • Performance improvement of UI via caching/storing static data.
For more information, refer to the online help.

Known Anomalies

  • The scope assignment to a capability is currently limited to
  • Incorrect name appears in the response payload of roles API comprising the claim (group), but the result contains correct group IDs. The problem is only with the name, without any impact on the results.


  • If the group count goes beyond 350 (irrespective of tenant, project, or organization), the token size will exceed the limit of 8 kb, leading to the token failure.
  • The number of groups per project should not exceed 500. Creating groups beyond this limit results in failure.
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