SLC 500 to CompactLogix 5380 Control System Migration

Ease Your Migration Journey With Flexible Options

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What if you can achieve better system performance, capacity, productivity, and security to meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing? To stay ahead of the changing market demands, it is necessary to have migration solutions that help lower the risk of maintaining legacy equipment and achieve increased productivity. Here is how we can help you migrate from SLC™ 500 to CompactLogix™ 5380 controllers and Compact 5000™ I/O system.

Resources to Help You Migrate

It’s time to step forward to newer technology. The SLC 500 control system migration is part of the proactive modernization plan we have for you. Discover how modernizing your legacy automation can help you optimize productivity and stay ahead in today’s demanding market environment.

There are many resources available to help you migrate and you have several options as you develop a proactive lifecycle plan. You may choose to work with a Trusted partner such as Rockwell Automation, a system integrator/solution provider, or even do it yourself. We offer a full portfolio of modernization and migration services and tools to ease the process.

Reduce Risk, Conversion Time, and Labor Costs

Our SLC to CompactLogix control system migration is an easy, fast and cost-effective option for you. Improve your migration plan with the Integrated Architecture® Builder tool. The 1492 Wiring I/O System allows I/O conversion without removing existing field wiring connection. Contact your local sales office or distributor to discover how you can ease your migration to selected CompactLogix™ controllers.

Achieve Smart Manufacturing with CompactLogix 5380 Controllers

When you migrate to our CompactLogix 5380 control system, you benefit from:

  • Increased flexibility with integrated motion on EtherNet/IP
  • Increased productivity with higher performance, expanded capacity and enhanced security
  • Maximized returns on existing assets through improved control and access to real-time diagnostics
  • One common development environment, enabling optimized productivity and reduced commissioning time


We offer many self-service migration resources for your aging systems:

  • Easy-to-use hardware selection and conversion applications
  • Automated software code conversion tools
  • Controller and I/O wiring conversion systems
  • Network interface modules

Custom Modernization

End-users with large, complex installations can better leverage the business benefits of merging IT and OT into The Connected Enterprise. Our Conversion and Migration Services can help you with a custom-quoted migration.

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