Field Services

Engineering Expertise to Help When You Need It Most

Field Services

Our global network of field service professionals can perform services on Allen-Bradley products and those from other brands. From emergency callout to modernization projects, we have the engineering expertise to help you increase uptime and optimize performance throughout your equipment lifecycle.

Engineering Support Tailored to Your Needs

Delivered On-Site or Remotely through Custom Blocks of Time

We have a global network of factory-trained field service professionals available to support you at your site or remotely on an as-needed basis. With skills matched to your application, these engineering resources can help troubleshoot and resolve unplanned downtime events, problems affecting critical operations, and other automation-related issues. Our field services are billed on a time-and-material basis and can help you with:

  • 24x7 breakdown support
  • Startup support, special projects, and peak workloads
  • Production problem resolution
  • Technical support during maintenance activity
  • Pre-purchase callout services as a block-of-time.That way, you have the flexibility to use hours toward service whenever you need it
Learn How We Can Support Modernization Projects

Embedded Engineering Helps Maintenance Challenges

Reduce Unscheduled Downtime with High-quality Engineering Guidance

When you augment your staff with our factory-trained field service professionals, you can focus on your core competencies while we deliver productivity improvements.

Rockwell Automation field service professionals are available as on-site embedded resources who provide dedicated engineering support and maintenance services. They are trained in the latest technologies and standards, and can complement the skills of your current workforce to help you gain higher operational efficiencies and improve production performance and product quality.

Across a wide range of industries, customers who have used our embedded engineering services have reported a 50% to 95% reduction in downtime in just the first year. Customers who chose a comprehensive program have seen a 5% to 7% increase in production throughput.

Our experienced and plant-certified resources can perform a wide range of predictive, preventive, and reactive support services depending on your needs. We can help you:

  • Improve productivity with audits, assessments, and action plans
  • Improve machine and production performance
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime and response time to equipment malfunctions
  • Improve machine operator skills and internal troubleshooting capabilities
  • Coordinate related services such as training, safety services, asset management programs and more
What Our Customers Are Saying
"The Rockwell Automation Engineer is responsible for leading continuous improvement at our plant. He’s a subject matter expert and advisor for needed changes and upgrades that will help us drive productivity."

Plant Manager, Rolled Steel Manufacturer

Start-up Support Meets Your Production Demands

Enjoy a Smoother Start-up with Your Drive or Drive System

Highly experienced field service professionals work with you to help improve equipment operation and reduce your risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures. Our standard process verifies that the necessary electrical, mechanical, and environmental criteria have been met. In addition, we verify that appropriate steps have been taken for proper equipment operation.

Typical start-up tasks we perform:

  • Physical inspection and verification of proper drive and motor installation practices before the application of power
  • Verification of external control wiring
  • Confirmation of drive cabling to motor, line feed, isolation transformer (if applicable)
  • Incoming line and drive output grounding checks
  • Voltage application, checkout, calibration, and testing of the drive as appropriate for the application
  • Adjustment of operation parameters, within drive and motor design limitations, to values as appropriate for the application
  • Operation of drive through speed range to verify proper performance
  • Loading of network parameters in the drive
  • Documentation of drive and motor nameplate information, application information, drive settings, and operating parameters

Drives started up by Rockwell Automation receive an Extended Parts Warranty: up to two years from start-up date, to a maximum of 30 months beyond manufacture date.

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