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Automated Packaging Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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Discover how to lower the total cost to deploy and optimize your manufacturing equipment. Our automation platform consistently interfaces with production machines and operations management systems.

Automate Your Packaging

Flexible, Scalable Packaging Machinery Technology

Faster installation. Improved reliability. Improved energy efficiency. Our solutions help you meet the complex and changing world of modern food and beverage packaging.

With the proliferation of SKUs and labels, there is a need for sustainable materials, retail-ready packaging, and better pallet usage. Flexible packaging is more important than ever.

We address these needs with RAPID Line Integration™, a configurable line control solution that offers:

  • Built-in line performance management
  • Flexible approach to integrating discrete manufacturing lines
  • Setup, control, and analysis of an entire line from one location
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Safety First

Safety and Productivity, Working Together

It is possible to achieve machine safety in the workplace without compromising your productivity. It is also quicker, easier, and less costly than you might think. 

The benefits of machine safety are clear. Millions of employees are injured in the workplace every year, and improved safety can only help to reduce this figure. 

Companies that approach safety holistically can improve productivity.

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Flexible and Scalable Solutions for Packaging

Intelligent Tracking Systems

Our iTRAK® Intelligent Track System, is a modular, scalable linear motor system that allows for independent control of multiple movers on straight or curvilinear paths. iTRAK replaces hardware with simple, effective software profiles that redefine speed and flexibility in automation and:

  • Increases production rates 50% or more
  • Reduces downtime for changeovers
  • Lowers periodic maintenance
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