Legacy Support and Lifecycle Extension

How We Support You Along the Path to Modernization

Legacy Support and Lifecycle Extension

Modernization of legacy automation helps eliminate obsolescence risk and helps accelerate progress to The Connected Enterprise. You will get there, but you need support along the way. Begin with an Installed Base Evaluation™ for a clear understanding of MRO stocking and obsolescence risks based on product lifecycle stage.

Lifecycle Extension and Migrations Services

Identify and Reduce Automation Obsolescence Risk with Migration Planning

Balancing your modernization schedule against capital investment and regulatory demands can be challenging. As products approach the end of their expected life, the availability of parts and resources become more difficult to obtain. We provide online tools, product notifications, and full-service assessments, such as the Installed Base Evaluation™ with product lifecycle coding. These resources help you to identify potential risks across your enterprise. This analysis provides recommendations and opportunities for better storeroom and migration planning.

Our products are classified under one of four lifecycle stages:

  • Active: includes the most current Rockwell Automation products
  • Active Mature: products that are fully supported, but a newer product or product family exists
  • End of Life: the discontinued date has been announced and it is time to actively execute migrations and last-time buys
  • Discontinued: products that are no longer manufactured, but repair or exchange services may be available

Lifecycle Extension Agreement

Minimize Your Risk of Operating Older or Discontinued Products

If you are unable to migrate immediately and must rely on legacy automation, we recommend a Rockwell Automation Lifecycle Extension Agreement. This agreement helps you avoid the risk and possible financial consequences of extended downtime. It also provides the critical services you need to support your legacy equipment. These services can include:

  • Guaranteed repair support
  • Legacy remote support
  • Legacy spare parts
  • Last-time buy options
  • Embedded Lifecycle Engineers
  • Many other critical support options

Legacy Support

Peace of Mind That Your Older Equipment Will Be Supported

As you develop your modernization plan, you need to account for older equipment. A modernization roadmap will help determine if you can eliminate your obsolescence risk at once, or whether you will need to mitigate the risk over time. If you do need more time and adopt a "phased migration" approach, we are there to support your legacy automation while you migrate. Legacy support can include spare parts management, reserved repair option, and preventive maintenance, tailored to your needs and modernization schedule.

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