Dive Into Critical Data Transactions

Achieving New Levels of Integration with FactoryTalk Transaction Manager

Dive Into Critical Data Transactions

Manage your manufacturing processes by integrating the critical data from your shop-floor with enterprise IT and other manufacturing applications. Think of the power. FactoryTalk® Transaction Manager can take an industrial transaction and tightly link it to multiple systems so they act as one. This helps you establish an end-to-end link, giving you reliability to support enterprise-wide integration.

Protect and Ensure System and Data Integrity

In many cases, FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is used in data logging situations where production data from the control system needs to be saved in a database. Different from a historian application, this software provides a two-way exchange of data between applications, like between a database and a control system for downloading production work orders for example. FactoryTalk Transaction Manager offers new levels of integration and visibility into many of these critical data transactions.


  • Helps safeguard data integrity, including the ability to send notifications of failures
  • Provides the ability to restore service connection
  • Caches transactions before they reach the enterprise system
  • Supports bi-directional transactions
  • Data collection continues while adding new or modifying existing transactions
  • Connects to various enterprise systems


  • Create custom interactions between factory control systems and enterprise database
  • One-way transactions allow for custom production data logging
  • Two-way interactions allow for data downloads to the control system, such as work orders, recipes and set points
  • Preferred connectivity to FactoryTalk Integrated Architecture™

Leverage the Power of Enterprise-wide Integration

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is a key component in any FactoryTalk ecosystem. Learn more about this utility player and how it helps deliver reliable end-to-end data visibility to your operations.

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