Mineral Processing and Metal Refining

Integrated and Scalable Process Solutions

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Mineral processing faces intrinsically complicated processes and recirculating loads. Production can often be disturbed by unexpected events and recurrent maintenance operations. Today’s mines must also process more complex ores due to declining ore grades. All of this adds up to complicated process operations. We can provide a better way.

Comminution and Concentration

Integrated and scalable process solutions combining control, safety, field instrumentation, motor management and analytics.

Rockwell Automation can deliver advanced functions and applications focused on specific mining challenges. For concentration plants, a flotation level control function was specifically designed to address level control applications.

Metal Refining

Our PlantPAx® DCS is a high-performance, high availability control system that can handle complex applications like metal smelting and refining to help you increase productivity, lower costs, reduce energy consumption, mitigate emissions and improve safety.

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Process Optimization

Model predictive control (MPC) strategies improve complex, multivariable processes and can simultaneously track and optimize multiple applications, handle restrictions and constraints, and manage variability delivering:

  • Better process stability
  • Increased recovery
  • Less reagent consumption
  • Lower energy usage and costs
  • Better throughput

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