Scalable Production Management

Maximize Production Speed and Quality

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MES, combined with powerful analytics, is key to any digital transformation strategy.

Respond with speed, flexibility and agility to meet production deadlines and deliver a quality product. Scalable Production Management solutions minimize production delays and quality risks caused by rigid, outdated processes. 

Drive Measurable Value

Production Bottlenecks

Rigid processes slow you down. With real-time, production visibility, you can track and monitor set-up, process and cycle times to quickly identify and clear bottlenecks.

Scrap and Rework

Eliminate scrap, waste and rework by identifying production issues before they happen with machine learning and predictive analytics.

Quality Variations

Among the top 5 uses of analytics in manufacturing: improve quality. With dashboard-style reports, you can quickly identify production anomalies and take immediate action to fix the problem at the source.


Easily capture all data inputs around production orders to create detailed compliance records that include your supply chain. 

Workforce Shortage

Augmented work instructions help your workforce understand how to execute specific, varying production orders. They make it easy to adjust to changes, facilitate proper production order execution and enable more flexibility on the factory floor.

How Does Scalable Production Management Help?


The world of interconnected data has changed the way we work. People expect customized products, seamless and personalized experiences, and immediate access.

You need speed, flexibility and agility to meet production deadlines and deliver a quality product. Are rigid manufacturing infrastructures holding you back - delaying production schedules or increasing WIP? The demand to meet quality and compliance standards can lead to scrap and rework and can put your operation at risk.


Scalable Production Management brings agile process enforcement to the shop floor and enable enterprise-wide visibility.

With these powerful, purpose-built solutions, you can reduce inventory cost, improve quality and respond to market pressures. Enhanced tools and capabilities give you insight into WIP, make it easier for your workers to do their jobs, and allow you to fine-tune process planning and quality.

What This Means to You

Your plant floor gains the speed, agility and flexibility you need to stay competitive and deliver the products customers want. Ensure that you produce quality products without unnecessary waste and costs.

Optimize Production with MES and Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your operations using a modern manufacturing execution system with decision-making analytics.

A Day in the Life of a Production Order in a Digital Plant

It’s 10:00 PM — do you know where your products are?

Streamline Production With These Products

Transform your operations with the power of edge-to-enterprise analytics, machine learning, and industrial IoT.

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