Intelligent Asset Optimization

Reduce Maintenance and Equipment Costs

Intelligent Asset Optimization

Your products and processes are getting more complex. Unplanned downtime and unexpected capital expenses cost you time and money.

Intelligent Asset Optimization solutions use real-time data and augmented reality to help you anticipate equipment issues before they become failures, and most importantly find the root cause of the problem.

Through real-time monitoring and diagnostics, you get predictive and prescriptive analytics that enable you to manage maintenance proactively.

Drive Measurable Value

Asset Health Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive analytics gives you critical insights into your assets. Know how your equipment is operating so you can spot abnormal conditions, now and in the future, identify problems and fix them before they become downtime. 

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent costly and disruptive downtime by anticipating equipment failures before they happen. Take a proactive approach to maintenance to identify potential issues, reduce the occurrence and length of unplanned downtime, and get the most from your assets and your maintenance budget.

In-context Maintenance Instructions

Deliver up-to-date, digital, in-context information from disparate assets and systems to maintenance workers as a unified, role-based experience. Include seamless, bi-directional interaction with all data required and log results in master systems.

Remote Expert Support

Instantly connect remote experts to field technicians for over-the-shoulder collaboration and support. Accelerate troubleshooting and maximize equipment up-time with instant access to expertise when and where it's needed.

An automotive supplier used InnovationSuite to visually display oven sensor data and predict O2 intake alarms 24 hours in advance, with 91% accuracy.

How Does Intelligent Asset Optimization Help?


You're under constant pressure to keep up with increasing product complexity while reducing costs. Unplanned downtime and unexpected capital expenses add to this pressure. The ability to anticipate equipment failures enables your workforce to identify the root cause of problems, saving you significant amounts of time and money.


When users have the information they need, like digital work instructions or in-context data for the task at hand, they can respond more quickly.

What This Means to You

Get more out of your workforce. When they can resolve issues more quickly, they, and you, can do more.

Intelligent Asset Optimization Solutions Overview

See how you can manage maintenance proactively using real-time data and augmented reality (AR).

Realize the Full Value of Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate and resolve issues before they happen using predictive maintenance.

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