Dynamic links

Dynamic links join a parent node (variable) with a source node (another variable or object property).
Typically, you use a dynamic link to set a variable value based on:
  • The value of another variable.
  • A property of an object.
For example, you can set the text property of a label object based on the value of a temperature variable.

Source types and values

By default, depending on the dynamic link source node type, its source value is set as follows:
Dynamic link source node type
Dynamic link source value
attribute of the variable.
property of the object.


The mode of a dynamic link specifies its direction:
Read from source node to the parent.
Default for dynamic links defined in NetLogics.
Write from the parent to the source node.
Read from the source node to the parent and write from the parent to the source node.
Default for dynamic links created in
FactoryTalk Optix Studio

Complex dynamic links

A complex dynamic link involves transformations of the source node value through converters. See Converters.
You create complex dynamic links by using the Complex Dynamic Link Editor. See Complex Dynamic Link Editor.


  • If you set a dynamic link between a graphical object property and another node, the parent node is always the graphical object property.
  • If the parent or source node of a dynamic link is an array variable, you can set a specific array cell as the parent or source value.
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